There are many times for sure, when choosing what to wear is very difficult, especially when you are in a mood ‘’ I have nothing to wear’’. However, there are some guaranteed sets that will get you out of trouble. It does not have to be fantastic or trendy, simple or elegant; your clothes just need to make you shine. So if you have these “key” clothes in your closet you will always find a great and simple solution to your problem.

  1. Jean and T-Shirt

The combination of jean with t-shirt is the classic choice, an ideal casual solution for all the times you do not know what to wear. This combination can have many variations depending on the jersey or the jeans shape, but also on the shoes you will combine them with. For example, if you wear them with a splendid couple of  and glamorous accessories, you can create an impressive set that will be worn even at your evening drinks with your friends, and if you match it with sports shoes or sandals and sunglasses, you’ll make a more sporty – casual total.

  1. Black dress

The short black dress is a must item in every woman’s closet, Just like Coco Chanel once said, since it can be worn for many different occasions. It can be your simple everyday dress to the evening outfit. If you manage to combine it with all the suitable accessories, you will have a great result. If you do not own this item you really need to buy one, either by searching at a kjoler online shop or by going for shopping with your best friends.

  1. Striped shirt + jean shorts

You can very easily create a spring and summer style, and you should prefer the navy style, wearing a striped t-shirt or shirt and a pair of jean shorts, perfectly combined with leather sandals. This outfit can be worn from the time you reach the beach in the morning, until the walk for a coffee early at night. Besides, the stripes are all time classic and when they are preferred, they are absolutely flattering.

  1. Floral dress

The floral dress, which is a timeless option, no matter what the trends of a season are, has been one of the basic pieces of the female closet. You can wear it alone with a leather jacket, or jean jacket and create some completely different sets, highlighting the playful, feminine or inspired look of your 90s grunge period. However, if you do not like wearing a dress you can also choose a printed pair of trousers too.

  1. Leggings

Leggings can be found in every woman’s closet. A pair of leggings can be combined with everything on top. You can either wear a simple t-shirt, a knitted sweater or a fancy shirt, suitable for every time of the day. A pair of boots is the must kind of shoes you need to select to wear.

  1. Casual dress + coat

If you want to wear something more elegant, then you certainly will not be wrong if you choose a simple dress with a coat on the length of the thighs. Beige is an option, while black coat is the classic solution that will once again make you look great. However, if the weather is cold, you can wear tights and boots up to the knee.

Do not press yourself every time you open your closet. You just need to be creative and to be sure about the clothes you are going to wear. Looking great is not always about the clothes you are wearing, but your own personal style. And your style is never missing from your closet.