In today’s fashion industry, exciting and innovative brands are constantly popping up and challenging fashion trends. It may be hard to keep up and find you favourites, so here are 5 of the best streetwear clothing brands of 2018 that you have to know about. From casual wear to footwear and denim, whatever you are looking for, you will find with one of these brands.

Jameson Carter – All Round Fashion

For an affordable and high quality product, Jameson Carter is the brand for you. Offering products ranging from hoodies to hats, jackets to tracksuits, for both casual and going out wear you will find what you need. Being a fairly new brand, expect innovative ideas and designs to stay on top of trends. Prices start as low as £20, so whatever your budget, this is a great option. This brand is a name to remember and you’ll see their mens trucker caps everywhere.

Mallet Footwear – High End Shoes

If it’s footwear you’re looking for, Mallet Footwear can offer unique trainers with an urban influence. Soaring to success, the company remains down to earth creating quality products, you won’t be disappointed. Made with pure passion and dedication to the brand, the quality is on another level. Now introducing formal shoes also, this is the brand to meet all of your footwear needs.

3Sixteen – Dream Denim

An authentic and independent company, 3Sixteen was founded over a decade ago and has developed a custom design to ensure years of wear whilst showing great character. Although the price tag may seem a little high, these jeans are an investment as they will last you year after year. With a range of colours, fits and designs, if you need jeans, this is the place to be.

The Cambridge Satchel Company – Winning Backpacks

For a traditional accessory to go with any outfit, an authentic British satchel can’t be beaten. Starting off a tiny company, they were an instant success, featuring in Italian Vogue in its first year. With new ideas and designs constantly arising, including even non-leather designs, you will find something to fit your personality.

Wolf & Badger Jewellery – Added Detail

Looking for a little something to finish off an outfit? Wolf & Badger’s men’s jewellery will have something for you. Affordable, stylish and traditional, this platform for independent brands has every accessory you may need. If you love authentic products and want to support small brands, but equally want the best products possible, look no further.

Sometimes stepping away from the high street stores can be refreshing, and with these brands, you won’t be missing out. Whatever you are looking for, one of these authentic brands is sure to meet your needs!