Trusted by millions of users worldwide, P2P Binance provides a secure platform to trade crypto in 300+ payment methods and 70+ fiat currencies — all at no cost. Binance security takes user protection seriously and provides a robust security framework to ensure users enjoy a safe and secure crypto experience.

Overview of What Binance Does:

Secure transactions – Every trade on Binance’s P2P is protected by a crypto escrow service, which ensures the offsetting partner is fully paid and protected from malicious individuals.

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Customer support – Binance Chat Support directs users to helpful resources and escalates issues automatically to live support agents. For urgent needs, Binance offers 24/7 customer service, and for verified merchants, Binance has a team dedicated exclusively to your needs.

Rapid security updates – As part of Binance’s ongoing commitment to user protection, Binance has introduced many P2P security updates in the past year, including improved advertising requirements and optimized risk management algorithms.

Verified merchants – To provide users with the best P2P trading experience, Binance implements a strict vetting process for all verified traders. Users can also filter their P2P advertising screen to “Verified Merchant Only”.

User education initiatives – In addition to Binance’s strong security features, they provide an extensive library of educational content, including 20 webinars hosted across the global community and a comprehensive list of how-to P2P guides, security tips, and FAQs.

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Some Tips To Protect Your Crypto On Binance P2P

Binance created Binance P2P to provide users with a safe, convenient and inexpensive option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Security will always be a top priority as Binance regularly improves the P2P experience and removes bad actors. As the top verified trader on Binance P2P.

Binance has also taken the time to list some of its top tips for protecting your P2P trades.

Check Vendor Feedback And Competition Level

Before you start trading or pay any vendor, make sure you check their feedback and completion rate.

To view a user’s P2P activity, you can click on their nickname on the main Binance P2P page. Their user profile will include information such as user feedback, 30-day completion rate, and average transaction time.

Don’t Release Your Assets Before Receiving Full Payment

Do not let purchasers trick you into releasing your assets without payment within your account.

After the buyer places an order, the seller’s cryptocurrency will be automatically transferred to the temporary deposit, which is also known as a crypto escrow service. If you are a seller in this situation, always make sure you have received the full payment through the correct channels before you confirm the transaction and release your assets.

Report Suspicious Transactions

Report any suspicious transactions to the customer support team.

If you suspect your counterparty, cancel the transaction immediately and report the user to Binance customer support. Don’t forget to provide a screenshot of the transaction and any supporting evidence in your formal appeal. Once we receive the appeal, Binance will take over and handle the dispute.

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