Swirl waves, also known as beehive waves, 720 waves, and others, are the most challenging to produce and keep moving. You are fortunate because, despite the rarity of getting the 720 waves it is conceivable that it is possible now. The good news is that all hair types can achieve 720 waves with the right styling products and consistent practice.

Making 720 waves on your hair

First, ensure that you have the following products:

  • Waves promenade
  • Wave brushes 
  • Waves shampoo and conditioner
  • A durag like what is offered by https://freshcoupes.com/ 

Here is the process of getting your 720 waves:

  • Maintaining healthy hair is an absolute necessity. To impart structure to the hair, it must be wolfed for three months beforehand.
  • To increase the number of waves from 360 to 720, it is necessary to obtain a complete trim. If your hair lacks natural waves, you may want to consider a grain cut, razor cut, or Ceaser cut in a 1.5.
  • Various methods can now be used to apply hair products. You must have high-quality 360 brushes, durags, pomades, and greases for waves, hair conditioners, and cleansers. 
  •  Investing in wave-making equipment is followed by the act of scrubbing. After the hair has become accustomed to being combed in a swirling motion, you can transition to a brush with firmer bristles and brush it with greater force. Move the comb from side to side as you brush your hair to preserve the swirl. During the training process, patience and perseverance will be required for the hair to acclimatize to the spiral design. The swirl that should be created nearest to the crown of the head presents the most significant difficulty. To train your hair, apply oil and brush it clockwise. 
  • Using a durag after brushing your hair is the most effective method to keep it flowing in the same direction. Because 720 waves are more challenging to accomplish than 360 waves, we recommend using a durag and a wave cap to keep your hair in place. 720 waves are more challenging to produce than 360 waves. You can check out wholesale durags to ensure you get to choose the one that fits.

How to maintain the momentum and strength of 720 waves.

Finally, it has been accomplished! You may utilize 720 waves. Here they are. On the other hand, you must care for your hair at this time. The first process is to generate waves, followed by the second step of maintaining the waves’ momentum. Do you desire tranquil and soothing waves? Once or twice per week, you should apply oil to your locks to retain their moisture. Several variables influence the amount of grease ingested. If you cleanse your hair frequently or with a coarse texture, greasing it twice per week will not be sufficient to keep it hydrated. 

Utilise shampoo to make the curls appear more presentable. To preserve the strands’ natural lipids, it is recommended to shampoo the hair no more than once every other day. If your hair is filthy, people may form certain preconceived notions about you. One can tidy waves in a particular way. There is a way to achieve this. Wet hair is the finest condition for hair. Before working it into a lather and applying it to the hair, shampoo should first be worked up into a froth on the surfaces of the hands. Utilize a motion resembling waves to brush the cranium. Finally, you should rinse your hair under the shower to remove the detergent. If you want your locks to last as long as possible, you should refrain from trimming them too often. Always brush your hair briefly, and sleep with a satin cloth around your shoulders.