You probably are desiring to place an order online for a specific high-risk purchase, but somehow you do not know whether to trust the website or company you want to place the order at. Britain Reviews is here to guide you to recognise and determine whether you should order from the online channel or not, how to deal with customer feedback on different platforms, and look at the onbuy reviews.

Why do I buy it online?

Many companies have closed their shop doors in the past couple of years. In addition, many businesses have moved their presence from the physical shopping street to online. This has led to customers having to find products ranging from furniture to kitchen appliances, clothing, and everyday products. All these difficulties pile up to the customer having to purchase their items.

Where do I buy it online?

In order to decide where you buy your desired (high-end) branded product, you need to know the official sellers of the brand and get to know the vendor. Ways of becoming familiar with these specific retailers are by either exploring the internet for reviews or consulting your inner circle (think of family members, friends, or acquaintances). When deciding to trust online reviews, which are an excellent way for past customers to inform current or potential customers or ask any relative for feedback or experiences you had with the company, it is essential to do some background research on the company. Check the company’s terms and conditions, the shipping and return policy, and the guarantees. If any of these seem off, you can consult online platforms. Platforms such as The Glass Door, Google Reviews, and Trustpilot are the most popular customer review platforms. If you still have any doubts, you

can see if the company is present on social media as the impression of its social media pages often gives clues as to what type of business it is. If this is not convincing yet, you can always consider looking the company up on LinkedIn and reading its mission and vision, number of employees, and history.

To ensure a website is reliable and secure and avoid any scams, you can run an online website check. Popular online website checkers are WHOIS, VirusTotal, Google Transparency Policy, and TalosIntelligence. These online security website check tools are easy to use, and more importantly, these tools are free of charge.

How do I buy it online?

The safest and recommended payment method is Credit Card to secure the purchase. A Credit Card purchase is secured throughout the whole order process. So even if you receive the ordered goods and it is not as anticipated, you can get a refund more easily.

So, in order to safely purchase branded items online, it is recommended to do background research on the company, to ask relatives about their experiences, check all the terms and conditions, shipping, and return policies, potentially use a free online website security tool, and to place your order using a Credit Card as the payment method.