The warm summer months are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding and the opportunity to celebrate al fresco. But the rising temperatures can make combining high-end style and cool comfort a little tricky.

Here’s how to dress for a warm summer wedding if you have a season full of invitations but are unsure what to wear.

Know the dress code

While warmer weather is generally an open invitation to go more lightweight with your outfit, you shouldn’t just assume that a summer wedding will be casual and carefree. Knowing the dress code in advance not only ensures you look the part but are also respectful of the happy couple and the wedding atmosphere they are trying to create.

Whether it is traditional, casual, or black-tie, knowing the wedding’s dress code means you will complement the occasion while bringing your own style twist. Even the most famous clothing brands will have plenty of options to help you out here.

Location, location, location

Beach, poolside, country casual, or summer traditional, the location of the wedding and whether it is indoors or outside should also influence your outfit choice.

Outdoor venues, for example, you’ll need to add a touch of practicality such as sandals or wedges. Still, with some stunning footwear from the likes of Aquazurra and Jimmy Choo, there’s no need to sacrifice your summer sophistication.

Meanwhile, a more traditional summer wedding means you can really put your glamour glow on and wear those skyscraper strappy heels that have just been waiting for the perfect occasion.

Take the time of day into account

The time of the wedding as well as the weather and temperature should also figure in your outfit planning. There’s nothing worse than being too warm or cold, or over or underdressed.

Daytime weddings mean you can usually dress a little more casually, while a formal black-tie evening wedding calls for cocktail or full-length dress glamour.

Also consider adding a cover-up accessory such as a silk scarf or pashmina should it be an early evening wedding, or the weather does not live up to its summer best.

Choose the right fabrics

No matter how gorgeous your dress or outfit, if it can’t take the heat, then you are going to end up looking a hot mess. So, it is not only the design but the fabric you choose that is going to make all the difference.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics are the only way to go for a summer wedding, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose out on luxury. Linen, silk, organic cotton, and chiffon are all sumptuous materials that not only look and feel super-stylish but hold their own when the temperatures are on the rise.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

A warm summer wedding is the ultimate feelgood, so don’t be afraid to add to the vibrancy of the celebration with a playful colour pop look. With the more relaxed, sunny vibe of a summer wedding, now is the time to be adventurous with colours, patterns, and styles.

Floaty florals and strappy boho dress lengths perfectly nail the dress code for a laid-back outdoor wedding while bright shades pop against the azure backdrop of a beach or poolside occasion.  Or add a bold splash of colour to your more traditional summer wedding outfit with some edgy designer accessories, headwear, or jewellery.

Whatever colour palette you choose for your summer wedding guest outfit, try to avoid harsh black or darker tones, which are best saved for all those autumn or winter wedding invitations.

And finally, get the balance right

While the temptation may be to embrace the casual for a summer wedding, unless this is clearly the dress code, it is best to go over rather than under-dressed.

The key to the ultimate summer wedding outfit is a balance between comfort, event-appropriate style, and outright gorgeousness. And as a wedding is a celebration, with a summer event, you have the perfect opportunity to express your joy, happiness – and luxury designer street-cred – through what you wear.