Have you ever wondered about where the universe was created? Or maybe ask about who you are and the role you have in this world? If you ever or even often ask these things. Then you have thoughts like a philosopher and can deepen his knowledge. One of them is the online course at International Home Study (https://ihs.internationalhomestudy.com) which is under the auspices of expert teachers. And There are many interesting online A Level courses at International Home Study (https://ihs.internationalhomestudy.com).

Understanding The Field Of Philosophy

Philosophy is a study program that studies the way of thinking so that students in this field are trained to question one or various situations.

Understanding Philosophy is often referred to as the mother of all sciences because other study programs will usually emphasize practical and pragmatic science. Whereas in Philosophy the emphasis is on fundamental human problems and their relationship to reality.

Philosophy also tends to have an abstract nature that requires deep understanding. For example, regarding the purpose of life, morality, the essence of human existence, conscience, and so on.

In addition to studying something abstract, this Philosophy Science will also get acquainted with world philosophers and also the theories that have been coined. Starting from Socrates, Thales, and Pythagoras, to the oldest and most prominent philosophers in the world.

Deciding to Study Philosophy will help those of you who are curious about the basic things in life to find the answers. Moreover, by studying this knowledge, your ability to read, write, think logically, and discuss will be very honed

Jobs That Can Be Obtained By Studying Philosophy

Although Philosophy is a science that is not as popular as law or medicine. However, this one major is known to have promising job prospects.

So, not all less popular sciences provide limited job opportunities. This is evident from the philosophy of science, whose graduates can pursue the following interesting professions:

1. A Journalist

Studying Philosophy can also pursue a profession as a journalist or journalist. Later they can cover news and compile scripts or news articles to be posted on newspaper websites. The ability to think critically and write makes a student of philosophy very appropriate to fill a position as a journalist. The news that can be done can be from all fields, be it political news, sports, entertainment, business, and others.

2. Psychotherapist

The next opportunity is to become a psychotherapist or also known as a counselor. Namely helping people around to overcome psychological problems experienced. Because it can provide input and thoughts that are more open, rational, and so on to people who need psychological assistance.

3. Government officials

Another opportunity is to become a government official because he has good analytical and problem-solving skills. So it is suitable to be an official in the government. You can also take part in the CPNS selection and choose the appropriate formation to become a government employee.

4. Religious leaders

One of the knowledge gained during the study is the philosophy of religion so that they can understand more about matters related to religion. After graduating, he can become a religious figure, who conveys the message of the goodness of religion and earns income from it.

5. Writer

Studying Philosophy is also suitable for a writer as well as an editor. Because studying philosophy makes it easier for you to convey your thoughts. So that it can be poured into writing, and the salary will be adjusted according to the number of books sold.

6. Financial Auditor

Studying Philosophy can have the opportunity to become a financial expert, namely by pursuing the profession of the financial auditor. Because during the learning process, you will gain knowledge related to finance, as well as being able to think critically so that you are careful when auditing financial statements.

7. Become a Marketing Staff

Studying Philosophy can be a marketing staff in various companies. This profession is appropriate to be engaged in because during the lesson it is taught how to present what is thought well so that it can promote products well too. In addition, the learning period also provides provisions for critical and logical thinking, so that it can be used to conduct market research. So that you can find out marketing techniques according to trends and also what kind of products can be released on the market.

8. Consultant for Corporate Recruitment

Studying philosophy can also be a consultant for company recruitment. Namely tasked with helping recruit employees who fit the needs and criteria of a company. This profession is suitable because studying Philosophy is equipped with the skills to interpret, summarize, and clarify information. So that it can help companies find the right prospective employee based on the background and achievements of the prospective employee.