Tips For Buying Your Girlfriend A Piece of Jewellery

If you’re wanting to buy your girlfriend a piece of jewellery but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. We’re here with some advice that will help you to break down the process into simple steps that are far less overwhelming, and also to help you find a piece that she will love and will fit her perfectly.

Set A Budget

The first thing you should do to help you decide on the right piece of jewellery for your girlfriend is to set a budget. There are so many different jewellery businesses out there to suit all different price points, so the best place to start is deciding what you want to spend. Perhaps it’s between £10 and £20, £50 and £100 or even more, but this will help you to reduce the amount of items to choose from and to help you find the right one. You don’t need to spend loads to find a really beautiful piece your girlfriend will love, it’s more about you choosing something with her in mind and she will love it just as much as you do.

Decide The Type of Jewellery

Next up is one of the more difficult elements, which is deciding the type of jewellery. The main categories to choose from are letter rings, earrings, dainty gold bracelets and necklaces. Our personal favourites are rings or necklaces for gifts, as they just have that extra personal touch and they are really statement pieces that look so beautiful. Of course, if you know your girlfriend loves bracelets or earrings, absolutely go for one of those, or you could choose something a bit different so it’s all the more special. Any jewellery will be beautiful, however try to consider what she likes and also what you think is lovely too.

Choose Gold or Silver

Next up, you should consider whether your girlfriend wears gold or silver more often. This is another way to reduce your options right down, and you want something that will go with the rest of the jewellery she already has. Have a look at her jewellery and this should help you decide, and if you find that she wears both, then you have the option of either! You can get solid gold or sterling silver if you have more of a budget, or you could get plated which still look beautiful and are much more affordable.

Choose Something Adjustable

Another good thing to do when buying your girlfriend a piece of jewellery is to choose something adjustable. If you want to get the jewellery as a complete surprise, this is a great option, as you know it’ll fit no matter what! You can get adjustable rings, with most necklaces and bracelets being adjustable anyway. Of course, if you know her ring size, you can easily get that size as it will fit perfectly, however adjustable is a good way to go if you’re unsure.