The Bra Basics Finding The Right Bra For You

Are you someone who is having difficulties finding a bra that offers the right amount of support and one that is comfortable? You certainly aren’t alone. There is an estimated number of 64% of women that end up choosing a size that is incorrect for their body. Due to the significant variations in everything from styles to sizing to features, it’s easy to see why so many women have a lot of difficulties when shopping for bras.

You’ll know you have the right bra when you have something that offers you the right amount of support for your breasts. The right bra will also provide you with the support that makes your breasts look better in clothing and it will help you maintain optimal comfort. Also, investing in the right bra can end up saving you money over the long haul.

No matter if you have had breast surgery or if you are completely natural, you want to find the right bra. It’s not only important for your well-being but also for your self-confidence. Getting the right bra can go as far as helping you prevent back and neck pain. Also, by spending the money on bras that you like, you’ll be able to avoid having to replace them anytime soon. No matter how much you are looking to spend, you can find the optimal fit for your body. You simply need to do your due diligence when shopping.

1. Let Go Of What You Think You Know

First and foremost, you should be letting go of what you think you know. A lot of women assume they know their bra size because it’s what they’ve always been wearing. They may even assume is the size they should be wearing. However, that’s not how it works. Bra sizing isn’t a straightforward as you might believe. Elle Courbee.

2. A “C” Cup Isn’t Always The Same

A lot of use make the same mistake of thinking that bra size is bra size. The fact is, there is no standardised bra size. Different sizes exist among different brands. As the band size increases, the width increases. Therefore, if you’ve found that a 36C feels incredibly loose and you find that the 34C ends up making your breasts bulge, it’s very likely the reason why. In this particular example, you’ll want to go to a 34D to correct the issue.

3. One Brand’s 34DD Could Be Another Brand’s 34C

As mentioned, you need to be informed of the differences between the brand’s sizing. You’ll find a lot of things that can alter the fit of the bra. It could be the material makeup or even the style. Some bras may have deeper cuts and some may be more shallow. You want to look at the different bra’s and the brands to ensure that you can find something that fits you. Thus, you want to try to find the right fit rather than sticking to the same size across the board.

The Bottom Line: You will be much more likely to find a bra that is going to fit if you don’t go into the shopping process with the same mindset about bra sizing. You need to start from square one and get a fitting.

How To Find Your Size

The main way you should be looking to determine the right size for your bra is to go to a professional. There is a lot that you have to factor into the buying process. Not only do you need to consider the shape and overall firmness of your breaths, but also the distance that exists between your breasts and shoulders and even the curvature of your spine and rib cage. A professional is going to be well suited to look at all of these things and help you find the right style and brand to get.