Teotihuacán’s leaders naturally wanted to protect this legacy as they began work on a new zoning plan in 2001. To keep the city enticing as a tourist destination, they decided to limit improvement in the “archaeological zone,” a buffer of protected land that encircles the pyramids. At the identical time, they wished a plan that may lure more vacationers into the town’s central sq.. Wal-Mart has additionally tightened oversight of its inside investigations. It has created high-level positions to help root out corruption. It is spending hundreds of thousands on anticorruption training and background checks of the lawyers and lobbyists who symbolize Wal-Mart earlier than international governments.

  • In 1980, there have been three-card baseball packs with a special K-Mart header that served as some type of promotional giveaway at some K-Mart shops.
  • As word of the blockade spread, bells rang from a chapel in Purificación, the neighborhood where Wal-Mart was