5 Ways to Raise Money for Home Improvements

If you refinance with an FHA loan, you’ll need 15% equity in your home. VA loans, on the other hand, are unique in that you can refinance 100% of the home’s value. In other words, you don’t have to leave any equity in the home if you meet your lender’s credit score requirements. This is the hub of the house where families cook, eat, gather, and socialize.

  • Buyers care about a home office more than they care about whether the home is move-in ready or is of a minimum square footage, our survey found.
  • “Any changes you make on your house now should increase your home value later,” says Kermit Baker, project director for the Remodeling Futures program at Harvard University.
  • If you can penetrate the wood without applying much pressure, it’s likely time to get your deck replaced.
  • They can enhance