Simple Wardrobe Organisation Tips!

If you’re in the mood to give your wardrobe a good clear out, you’re in the right place! With these simple wardrobe organisation tips, you will feel completely refreshed, you will feel like you are saving so much time and you will likely find some of your older pieces that you forgot all about that you can fall in love with. Fom how to sort your little black dresses to making use of the space you already have in new ways, let’s get started and help you to get organised.


Take Everything Out

Our first tip, and maybe the most important, is to take everything out of your wardrobe before you get started! If you try to sort through everything as you go, it will feel so much more overwhelming than if you take everything out and start with a completely clean slate when you’re putting things back. Take everything out and sort into keep, donate and sell piles, bag up what you are doing to donate and sell, then you are left with a much more simple job as all you need to do is put everything back.


When you strip back your wardrobe and are just sorting the things you definitely want to keep, you’ll find it so much easier to process.

Organise By Occasion

Now that you know everything you’re keeping, you can start to organise! To do this, we would always recommend organising your wardrobe by occasion. When you are heading out it can be stressful to go through your whole wardrobe to find things to wear, so when you have a section for each type of occasion, you will send so much time.


You could have a section for your dressiest clothes, including your dresses organised into maxi, midi and mini dresses. You could then also have a work wear section, a smart casual section, your gymwear section, loungewear and so on. This is what works well for so many people, but there are so many other options, such as by colour, type of item (e.g. jeans, jumpers).


Make The Most of the Space You Have

Another thing that you can do to organise your wardrobe is make the most of the space that you have. By this, we mean that you don’t necessarily need to get whole new wardrobes or drawers if you don’t think you have enough space.


Instead, you might be able to create sections in the space you already have. If you have a tall wardrobe and the bottom section isn’t being used, then you could get a shoe rack to display all of your shoes clearly.


If you have some spare hanging space, get a hanging shoe rack. You could add some long and thin drawers to the bottom of your wardrobe to fold bulkier items that are hard to hang, like knitwear. If you have a corner of your room that isn’t being used to it’s full potential, get yourself a tall and thin coat rack! There really is so much you can do with the space that you already have.