Reasons for Power Down when Turning on the AC

Has the electricity in your house suddenly shut down after turning on the air conditioner? Of course this is very annoying, especially if the weather outside is sweltering. To prevent electricity from falling again due to AC, let’s know the following.

1. High compressor amperage

The high ampere of the compressor indicates that the power of your AC compressor has reached the maximum limit. You can replace the compressor or at the same time replace your entire outdoor AC unit. If you have more funds, you might consider buying a portable air conditioner unit.

2. Home power is too low

To be able to operate, AC requires a large amount of electricity. For example, AC 1 PK size requires power of 600-800 Watt. Not to mention, while at home you might also turn on other electrical devices. If the electrical power capacity in your home is only 900 Watt, of course this can be a problem.

As a solution, you can add electricity to your home or choose electricity-saving air conditioners. You can also consult with us to find an air conditioner that suits your occupancy.

3. There is a problem with the AC cable

Old AC cables are prone to peeling. Flaking of the cable layers can also be caused by bites of mice and other animals. This flaking cable can cause a short circuit. If a short circuit occurs when you turn on the air conditioner, your home’s electricity will automatically go out.

To overcome this, immediately check your unit cable. If you find a broken cable, replace it immediately with a new cable so you can return to using your air conditioner without interruption.

4. Capacitors are weak

The capacitor functions to store electric current which will be used to drive the compressor engine when you turn on the AC. When capacitors are weak, a short circuit can occur until your home’s electricity goes down. The solution is to replace your AC capacitors with new ones.

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