It Feels Like the Sky is Limit for Sales

I had heard good things about verkooptraining, but I was not sure it was the right fit for my own company. I did not need a program that was generalized on how to attain premium sales. I needed one that was more geared toward my own company’s clients. I knew that it would cost a lot to have someone come in and teach us by using one of our own client’s as an example, but I felt I had no choice in the matter since we needed something more specialized to my company.

I did some research with the company that had been recommended to me, and I was happy to see that they don’t always require teams to come to them. They can do training at different businesses, which is exactly what I wanted. When I saw that they also provide personal attention to the businesses they come to train, I thought that I might have misjudged the company. I thought they only did generalized training at their location, but they do specialized training at businesses that want to do the training in-house instead. I contacted them to get a quote on the price it would cost to do this, and again I was surprised.

I knew that it would cost more than training at their facility because there would be additional costs involved for them. I was expecting a much higher price though, and I immediately booked them on the first available date they had to come and help us. We met privately first so I could give them the information on the client that they would use an example. When we had the training at our company headquarters, I could sense the excitement in the air as the training progressed. We all learned so much, and it was definitely worth having someone come in and teach us. It feels like the sky is the limit now.