My first marriage was an unhappy one. I felt like my first wife married me simply because she was tired of living at home with here parents. She never wanted to go anywhere or do much of anything. My new wife is very different. She’s very confident and fun. She even talks about sex toys with ease! We have a lot of fun with one another. I don’t regret my first marriage because my first spouse is the person who ended up introducing me to my second one! I usually do not tell people about that because they get the wrong idea, though.

My ex-wife had a lot of friends. She spent a lot of time keeping in touch with them, and she didn’t spend all that much time on her marriage to me. I always thought it was kind of strange. I wanted to live a nice life spending time with her, but she really didn’t seem all that interested in putting time into our relationship after we married. Over time, I realized that she did not really love me. It made me really sad to realize it. I tried to go to counseling with her, but she didn’t even seem to care about cooperating with the counselor either. I finally told her that I felt we weren’t suited for one another and asked her to leave. She moved back home to her parents.

One day, before we divorced, one of her friends came by our house for lunch, and I was immediately smitten by her friend. I felt bad about it because I was still married. This new woman was funny, full of confidence and she liked to go out and have adventures. When I got divorced, I called her up and asked her out. I ended up learning that she was really taken with me when she first met me, too. Later that year, we got engaged. I really feel like I have met someone who is my soulmate.