Hypebeast is a term that has come popular in recent years. It means someone who has to have the latest gear from brands that are the biggest hype at the moment. Most of the targeting is from people who don’t actually know anything to do with fashion, offering full tracksuits and ugly trainers are not the only items of clothing people need these days. Ironically, so many people follow these influencers, when they could probably do a better job dressing in their own way. It’s time to stop this nonsense and start being yourself again, in this article we will go through some steps which will remove you from the hypebeast scene whilst also dressing well.

Stop Matching Your Clothes

Matching your clothes from head to toe has not been in style for years. In fact, it actually looks ridiculous and anyone who tells you otherwise needs another look at themselves. Where is the excitement in having all your clothes the same colours or designs or even brand? Tone it down by allowing different colours, different brands and designs.

Embrace Simple Footwear

I know this is a hard fact to face, but not every piece of footwear needs to be one-offs, radically expensive or ugly. There are actually footwear styles and brands out there that look good with a range of different styles. Why not opt out of hypebeast trainers and tone it down with a suave pair of double strap monk shoes or loafer. Chucka and Chelsea boots are also a fantastic way to switch up your outfits.

Take Things Down A Notch

Rather than putting everything you want on, tone it down. Put a few well thought out pieces together to make a smart outfit. Don’t overcompensate with a load of accessories, a bracelet, watch and ring will be more than fine to look great.

Learn You Can Say No To The Next Hype

There are more important things to life than being the first person to have the next limited edition tee. It is okay to say no to the next hype, only go for things that would look good on you, don’t waste your money on a new piece every week as you will sure to be broke by week 2.

Think About What Fits Your Lifestyle

If you are in an office that requires less formal attire like a casual shirt and chinos, then it’s not wise to be head to toe in hypebeast attire. Go for a more subtle alteration to the brands like supreme oxfords for example. There are many brands now that are tailoring some of their clothes for the office.

Don’t Be A Brand Advert

Rather than buying all the same brand in urban streetwear, why not go for one statement piece and be a little more conservative with what you wear. Instead, develop your own wardrobe which will make you a style icon of yourself. Think about what makes you look good rather than what others are telling you.