How To Add Fashion Influences Into Your Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, often mixing a love for fashion into the mix can become cluttered and chaotic. However, there are some elegant and tasteful ways in which you can incorporate fashion influences into your home. Think of home decor and furniture the same as clothing items, in that you use them to dress up a room. This way, home decor is nothing but an extended branch of fashion and style. With this in mind, here are some ways in which you can add fashion influences into your home decor.

Choose Unique Pieces and Make Them The Focus

Just as you would with a fabulous piece of clothing or accessory, when it comes to home decor, try to choose a unique piece of furniture or accessory which can then become the focus of the room. Think an elegant chaise lounge for the hallway, or a glamorous lamp for a sideboard. You can do the same with wallpaper or paint choice in keeping the rest of the room plain and simple, but with a bold, stunning feature wall in a bright print or colour.

Use Details and Accessories

Sure, wearing nice clothing is important, but doesn’t it feel good when someone pays you a compliment on an accessory or a sparkly pair of earrings that you picked out specifically for the occasion? People will usually notice if you have made the extra effort to choose an accessory and the same goes for your home, too. This isn’t just for your interior decor, but your external home decor too.

When was the last time you paid close attention to the entrance of your home? Emphasising your doorway or porch only adds to the exterior of your home, so why not give your  door and entranceway a good clean and a fresh lick of paint? Adding details such as door mats, flowers or plants and lighting all enhance the aesthetics of your home, just like any fashion accessory does for an outfit.

Influence Your Accessories

If you love all things fashion and want to add touches of this inspiration around your home, then go for it! There are many minimalist and luxury ways in which you can do this, without impacting on your home decor too much. If you have a beautifully designed living room with a coffee table, then why not get some fashion focused coffee table books to style alongside a vase of fresh flowers. Designer and fashion inspired wall art prints look really stylish when paired with chic interior decor, or when paired with on trend botanical wall art prints in a lounge or hallway to create a stunning focal point. To finish off your fashion inspired look and feel in your home, consider purchasing some designer home fragrances, such as Jo Malone, The White Company or Diptyque.