Fitness Clothing Trends for 2018

Gone are the days of boring gym clothes. Many people usually don’t give much thought into what they wear on a treadmill, but with so many new fitness clothing trends, it might be a good excuse to upgrade your fitness wear. People want to look just as good in the gym as they do outside of it, and fitness brands are creating clothes to help people do just that. Fitting one or two of these trends into your current fitness wardrobe will make all the difference, so don’t think you have to spend a fortune.

Fitted Hoodies

For those slightly cooler days, if you buy yourself a muscle fit hoodie you’ll be right on trend. Fitted hoodies may sound restrictive, but are often actually designed to provide maximum comfort and performance, and can actually be safer than baggy hoodies, which could easily get caught in machinery. Soft and comfortable, fitted hoodies will keep you warm and will give you no excuse not to go out in the cold to the gym! If you want to look good both in and out of the gym, get yourself a muscle fit hoodie.

Bright Colours

If you want to stand out from the crowd, add a hint of bright colour to your gym outfit. From bright pink leggings to fitted neon yellow tops, this season is set to be full of colour. If you’re not quite ready for the bright green co-ord look, then why not opt for some colourful trainers to stay on trend. Or, go all out with a matching bright floral outfit. Whatever suits you best. You want to feel positive when working out, and what better way to do that than with something bright.

‘Ugly’ Trainers

Ugly fashion is back, with nineties and noughties influence following it. Clunky, chunky and dirty finished trainers are taking over the fashion industry, as well as the gyms. Although they may not be trainers specifically designed for fitness, you may find that they work for you. This trend may be suitable if you are looking to stay high fashion in the gym, or for a walk in the park, but perhaps not for professional sport. Nonetheless, this unusual trend is here to stay, with high-fashion influencers spreading the word.

Matching Co-Ords

For both the men and the ladies, matching co-ords are taking over. Whether it be a combo of sports leggings and a sports bra, or perfectly paired joggers and t-shirt, the all-in-one look with fitness clothing will ensure you’re sticking to the trends. There are lots of options as you could choose the same colour, pattern or brand, to make this trend fit your style and preference. You should feel comfortable and confident in the gym, so make this trend keep you fit and stylish.