Current Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Out For

The spring/summer wardrobe can finally come out of hiding as the evenings are lighter and the weather has warmed up! But with the excess layer going back into hiding what’s the current trends happening this year? Looking at what the high-street has begun to release there are some trends that are starting to shine over others, here’s what to look out for in mens designer fashion.

Tonal Dressing

A smart casual style that can be both dressed up for a formal occasion and dressed down to become a casual style. Tonal dressing works best as a smarter even style though, picking out slightly offset colours to help define each garment is a current trend. Picking out a dark pair of navy trousers and matching them up with a slightly lighter navy shirt is ideal for the spring, or if you embracing the summer picking out some pastel colour can do the same effect.

What will make this style more popular is that is don’t necessarily require a trip to the shops, beige, grey and blue are all easy colour to find in the wardrobe and matching it up with something slightly off is even easier. Gone are the days of trying to match up exact colours.

Side Stripe Trousers

That’s right, the 90’s are back, the retro sportswear style has been seen on a lot of catwalks and naturally, the high-street puts their take on the trend. They are retro sportswear commonly known now as ‘athleisure’, the style is both seen in a regular fit or smarter fitted pairs can be found to mix up with a shirt. The stripe tends to stand out from the trouser to define the style navy with a white stripe for example, but it’s certainly a creative garment to play with when it’s come to whether you wear them as a streetwear style of smart.

Retro Denim

Not a fan of dad denim? You might want to skip this section. Like mom jeans, the lighter wash jeans are making a strong comeback into the summer, with a few adjustments to make sure people are looking in their dad’s wardrobe. The retro denim style is coming in all shapes and sizes, there are skinny, loose and regular fit jean being seen in stores but the ankle grazers and rolled up jeans seem to offer the best summer style.

Tropical Print Shirts

Either it’s a trend or menswear designers around the world are trying to do a number on their customers. Not a subtle style, however, the tropical prints are a solid choice this summer. They tend never fit properly, be too bold and a little bit cheesy, but if you combine them with some smart formal chinos, tucked or untucked the floral print shirt starts to look good.

Like them or not, they’re here for the summer and it’s likely that even if you don’t like them straight away, they’ll grow on you.

Matching Sets

Societe Noir offer a range of twin sets that are perfect for the summer. Matching tees and shorts are always a good choice in the summer and offer a strong streetwear style. Finishing the look off with a mesh trucker cap is also a great idea for the summer.