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Reasons for Power Down when Turning on the AC

Has the electricity in your house suddenly shut down after turning on the air conditioner? Of course this is very annoying, especially if the weather outside is sweltering. To prevent electricity from falling again due to AC, let’s know the following.

1. High compressor amperage

The high ampere of the compressor indicates that the power of your AC compressor has reached the maximum limit. You can replace the compressor or at the same time replace your entire outdoor AC unit. If you have more funds, you might consider buying a portable air conditioner unit.

2. Home power is too low

To be able to operate, AC requires a large amount of electricity. For example, AC 1 PK size requires power of 600-800 Watt. Not to mention, while at home you might also turn on other electrical devices. If the electrical power capacity in your home is only 900 Watt, of course this can be a problem.

As a solution, you can add electricity to your home or choose electricity-saving air conditioners. You can also consult with us to find an air conditioner that suits your occupancy.

3. There is a problem with the AC cable

Old AC cables are prone to peeling. Flaking of the cable layers can also be caused by bites of mice and other animals. This flaking cable can cause a short circuit. If a short circuit occurs when you turn on the air conditioner, your home’s electricity will automatically go out.

To overcome this, immediately check your unit cable. If you find a broken cable, replace it immediately with a new cable so you can return to using your air conditioner without interruption.

4. Capacitors are weak

The capacitor functions to store electric current which will be used to drive the compressor engine when you turn on the AC. When capacitors are weak, a short circuit can occur until your home’s electricity goes down. The solution is to replace your AC capacitors with new ones.

If you’re looking for a portable Ac at an affordable price, you can buy Blaux Portable AC

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Types of Hotel Based On Their Location

The development of the hotel business is always growing, Hotels of all sorts have their characteristics, all of them based on a targeted marketplace and of the hotel’s location.

Well, what are the types of hotels based on location?

1. Resort Hotel

The resort is a place to stay that is usually in nature. For example, the edge of the beach or the mountains. This place to stay also presents a comfortable feel. Various facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, even shopping centers are in the resort, in architectural terms, usually focusing more on both the traditional and the artistic aspects.

2. City Hotels

City Hotel found in large cities that have many large office areas. Usually located in a strategic location in the office or business area like Bangkok. Having facilities that support meetings, conducting trade transactions, doing any kind of business, seminars, or doing official events of a company. If you are bringing a family for a business trip and looking for Family Hotel Room Bangkok, Ibis Ratchada is the right choice.

3. Motel

A motel is a resting place for those who are traveling far. Usually located on the outskirts of the city, on the highway between cities. The facilities are not as luxurious as other types of hotels because they are only intended as a temporary transit point and focus more on the availability of large, convenient, and safe parking spaces.

4. Residential Hotels

Residential Hotel is a place for those who want to stay for a long time, usually far from the crowd.

Although far from the crowds, residential hotels still must have easy access from the city center or places for business or trade activities. And it has complete facilities for its visitors.

5. Downtown Hotel

Located in a commercial and shopping area. Which is usually built with shopping facilities or in collaboration with trade businesses as a mutually beneficial partnership.…

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New Vespa Primavera

For the umpteenth time Vespa launched an innovation with the latest technology on its flagship product. New Vespa Primavera which is the youngest family with a compact body and engine that features i-Get technology.

This model received a new engine capacity of 125cc and 150cc. This new engine will maximize vehicle performance and minimize fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Both of these engines carry 1-cylinder 4-stroke fuel-injection. The injection system has been maximally improved and the presence of barometric sensors on the ECU ensures the combustion system is more effective in all conditions. Power and torque rotation certainly can exceed expectations making it suitable for all road conditions.

Special 125cc engine capable of producing power of 10 hp at 7,700 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 6000 rpm. Whereas the 150cc motor is capable of producing 12.7 hp at 7,750 rpm and torque of 12.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The gearbox has also been increased to reduce new friction. ABS braking system is also a standard equipment of this motorbike. Vespa for sale UK offers Vespa Primavera for sale with a choice of colors Rosso Dragon (with beige seats), Nero Vulcano (with red seats), Midnight Blue (with beige seats) and Montebianco (with red seats).

There is a touring version of the new Vespa Primavera with various additional equipment such as front-back luggage and chrome-plated. Especially for this touring version there is a choice of new colors Marrone Crete Senesi and elegant.

A wide selection of accessories is also available for this latest model to your liking. So if you are a Vespa lover, express yourself with the new Vespa Primavera.


Engine Type Single cylinder 4 stroke, 3 catalyzed valves
Displacement CC 124.5
Bore X Stroke 52 mm x 58.6 mm
Max Power Output 7.9 kW -10.7 HP- at 7,700 rpm
Max Torque 10.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 8 L
Starter Electric
Transmission Type Automatic CVT with torque server
Dimensions LxWxH 1860 mm x 735
Wheelbase 1340 mm
Seat Height 780 mm
Tyre Size Front Tubeless 110/70 – 11”
Tyre Size Rear Tubeless 120/70 – 11”
Brakes Type Front Stainless steel disc 200 mm with hydraulic control
Brakes Type Rear Drum 140 mm with mechanical control
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Beware of Data Theft Through an ATM and Know Tips for Avoiding It

The more sophisticated banking technology, the more sophisticated the modus operandi of crime in the banking system. One of the targets by criminals in the banking sector is an ATM machine. Why is the ATM machine targeted? Because these machines are numerous and scattered everywhere. This machine is also relatively not maintained and only relies on CCTV cameras. So that it further strengthens the belief that ATM machines are an easy means for criminals to dredge money from your account. One of the most common ways ATM criminals do is by placing a simple device in the hole where the ATM card is inserted. By using the Rhenus Lupprians ATM installation service, all crimes on ATM machines can be prevented.

Based on case investigations that have occurred in neighboring Australia the form of the device is adapted to the model of each ATM so that it can be different from one ATM to another ATM. With the help of these tools, criminals easily extract your banking data including PINs that should be very confidential. Is the device so sophisticated that it works? Actually the principle of crime by stealing data (phishing) through this tool is relatively simple, but very effective if it is not detected by ATM users or CCTV cameras.

Beware of Data Theft Crimes via an ATM Machine

Almost all of the world itself, crime cases of data theft through ATM machines have not been as many as in neighboring countries like Australia. Even though the case of a customer’s account that suddenly diminished had indeed appeared in the media some time ago. The results of further development revealed several modes with skimming techniques which will be explained in the description below. However, it is better to learn from cases that occur in other countries to add to our insight into banking crime because in principle the model and business transactions through ATM are relatively the same so we can anticipate that this does not happen here.

To get the targeted data, the tool is equipped with a chip that will record your personal data (phishing). The process of data theft uses a small camera placed on one side to record when your hand presses the PIN code. The next stage the thief will copy all the personal data of the account owner, then easily access your banking data.

Understand How to Work Skimming in Stealing Customer Data through an ATM

This banking crime is classified as sophisticated and professional because it uses a number of tools, such as magnetic scanners called skimmers, slok card holders on ATM machines, and cameras. There is a special team with division of tasks that are specific to their respective fields. When the customer transacts, the data automatically owned by the victim is recorded through the scan tool. Players can easily access customer ATM data. Before the crime is committed, criminals have prepared fake cards for transactions with data that has been taken from the customer’s original card. The data is then inserted into a fake card and then used for transactions.

This banking crime case was the finding of the Police team. The police team found a mode of banking crime using magnetic data recording devices such as ATM personal identification number (PIN) and i-banking (router). This crime is relatively difficult to detect by naked eye, making it safer to install at an ATM.

Criminals apparently were professional conspirators and had time to install routers at an ATM in the UK. Then on the ATM machine a modem the size of the cable is installed between the cable server and the technique of data theft through this router works by duplicating all the data of the bank customers who transact at an ATM read. Slightly different from the skimming method which requires an electromagnetic data reader and a hidden camera to view the customer’s pin, then print it on a new card, the technique with this router takes all the data and stores it. After the router is installed the crime of account fraud is just taking the router then the data recorded in it will be inserted in an empty ATM card and the process of theft of customer funds can be done easily. The public must be aware of this new mode.…

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Are You House Proud? Answer These Three Questions To Find Out

According to statistics gathered in 2018, Brits spend around £2000 per year on DIY, décor and home furnishings. It’s official, we are a house-proud nation. But would you consider yourself a house-proud Brit? Let’s take a look.

  1. When did you last decorate?

These days, considering interior design isn’t just a trend, it’s part of our culture. In fact, Mr. Black from Modern Contemporary Furniture tells us, “On average, people tend to redecorate, or re-furnish their rooms every 20-30 months.” Of course, this is a generalised statistic, but it still tells us a lot about the time and energy we put into our spaces to make them feel like home. So, when was the last time you gave your living room a new coat of paint, or upgraded the mattress in your master bedroom? Are you hitting the 20-30 months mark? If you fall into the statistic perfectly, give yourself a point. You’re certainly on track to meeting the UK’s house-pride standards. But if you’ve never even thought about lifting a paint brush in the last ten years – it’s time. Trust us, your home deserves some love.

  • Shelves: Storage or Décor?

If you said décor, are you sure you’re getting the most out of your shelving? Perhaps shift that two-inch cactus plant over and actually throw some books on there. If you said storage, well – technically, yes. But perhaps stretch your creativity just that little bit more. If you said both, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Storage choices should always be a part of your décor. As house-proud Brits, we have become accustom to having access to a range of storage solutions that also offer a great touch to our overall interior. Gone are the days when shelving was a couple of planks nailed onto the corner of your bedroom to store your VHS collection. These days, storage is incorporated into our colour schemes and style choices. So, if you have a divan bed that just happens to have drawers in it because you already knew that storage = décor and décor = storage, well done. You grab your second point. If, on the other hand, you still have a self-built set of shelves that haven’t even seen a lick of paint, your score isn’t doing so well. You might want to consider calling an interior designer for some much-needed TLC.

  • Have you heard of a Cuddle-Chair?

If your answer is yes, great. Give yourself that extra point. (Unless you’ve literally just Googled it, then that’s cheating, and you’re disqualified). If your answer is, “A cuddle what?”, we aren’t judging, but we do suggest you get out more. Exploring your furniture options is no longer just about getting the best deal on a three-piece suite. There are so many options out there to revamp your rooms on a budget that you’re just spoiled for choice. Whether you’re looking to stay traditional and match all of your furniture, or you’re thinking about going more modern and unique, considering refreshing your interior furniture is certainly worthwhile – especially if your comfort is being compromised by a 20-year-old sofa. Oh, and just in case you’re still wondering, a cuddle-seat is a cosy two-seater that often comes in a circular shape and is extra, extra comfy.

So, how did you do? Are you a house-proud Brit? Perhaps it’s time to freshen things up – keep your house feeling like a home. …

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Equipment that must be Owned by a Biker Before Driving

Disasters that occur on the road when riding a motorcycle cannot be predicted. However, at least there are anticipatory actions taken before driving, one of which uses safety equipment.

One example is using driving equipment such as gloves, jackets, shoes, helmets and more. That will obviously make it hot and troublesome. But for the sake of personal safety this must be done.

There are four mandatory equipment that must be used by motorcycle riders. Now you can buy all driving equipment only at wheels motor cycles, wheels motor cycles is the largest motorcycle clothing store in the UK.


Helmet functions to protect very vital body parts, namely the head. Choose a helmet that is brightly colored, according to the size of the head and is standard.

When using a helmet, make sure the chin strap is properly installed. Full face helmets better protect the head than half face helmets.


It is highly recommended to always wear clothes or long-sleeved jackets, as well as pants that cover all parts of the foot. These clothes can reduce the effects of scratches and collisions when falling.

Choose clothes that are suitable for body size, so the body can move freely. It is also recommended to wear a jacket with bright colors and easy to see when riding a motorcycle on the road, day and night.


This equipment is also required to be used, its function is to protect hands from scratches, when falling. Besides that it also provides comfort in holding the steering wheel, and protects it from cold air. For better protection, use gloves with leather.


Driving a motorcycle is a serious job, so it must be really prepared with seriousness too. One of them is to equip themselves with always wearing shoes.

The function of this equipment is of course to protect the foot from injury, when the motorbike falls. Choose shoes that fit the size of your feet, then have a heel and have a non-slippery footprint.…

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The Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Retro Furniture

Today’s consumers are moving on from the build it yourself, flat pack furniture that has been popular since the 1970s. Nowadays people want something with a little more style and elegance, and they are leaning towards vintage and retro furniture, and even antiques. For ideas on retro décor, check out Retro furniture usually refers to pieces from the 60s and sometimes 70s; the most popular area for this to be incorporated now is in a kitchen or dining area. The 60s dinette and Formica surfaces are making a comeback in these areas; along with the rounded shapes of the kitchen appliances.

As there is debate nowadays around how old pieces have to be before they become antique: some say 100 years old and some say only 50; this latter would make furniture from the 60s already antique. However, products from this era are generally referred to as retro, or at best vintage. Most people think of much older furniture when they imagine antiques, like Louis XV chairs or Chesterfield sofas.

The Chesterfield sofa has been around since the 18th century, when it was commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield as a sturdy piece of furniture for gentlemen to sit on comfortably, while remaining in an upright position becoming to their status. The leather Chesterfield sofa is very popular today and although still built in the same sturdy design; can be surprisingly comfortable. It is also produced at much more affordable prices now, whereas in the past only the very wealthy could afford to own one. The leather Chesterfield sofa has become synonymous with psychiatrists and psychoanalysts since it was first used by Freud, although it is now also used as a family sofa in many homes.

You will find vintage and retro furniture surprisingly affordable at stores online; in fact, you can buy a used piece of handcrafted furniture for the same price or less than the plastic and chipboard “creations” that are produced today. People are going to great lengths to create unusual and unique atmospheres in their homes; with maybe a living room filled with antique furniture and a beautiful leather chesterfield sofa, leading through to a kitchen and diner dressed in retro 60s style. Upstairs you might find one bedroom in elegant vintage style with a four-poster bed, and the next bedroom fitted with white furniture in sleek modern lines; with maybe a third bedroom in a completely different style or theme. Even bathrooms nowadays are heading back to older designs; with claw foot tubs and old-style taps giving a much homelier feel to the bathroom than the cold angular designs and surfaces of recent years.

Every style of modern, antique, vintage and retro furniture can be found for sale online; offering a much easier way to browse different styles until you find your perfect piece. Save yourself hours of trudging from store to store and sit down comfortably, and let your computer take you back through bygone eras to furniture produced back then, but available to you now at surprisingly affordable prices.…

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Best Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles California

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen

He is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing cosmetic plastic surgery for almost 38 years. Initially serving the cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, his experts at this time contain facial de-aging surgeries, such as eyelid surgeries, facelift, rhinoplasty, jawline and neck rejuvenation. He is the guy to resolve revision of previous unacceptable surgeries for which has been featured on TV prime.

Sheila Nazarian

She is a prize-winning and board-certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Sheila Nazarian MD, who experts in Mommy Makeovers including Laser Vaginal Therapy, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Kybella, Breast Augmentation, Laser Tattoo removal and much more. Many in the entertainment industry like actresses and Los Angeles strippers really need this as they love to change up their looks for the movies as well as the dancers for their every day job that helps them get through school or pay their bills while they are trying to become a famous actress. She is famous for trying every gadget and product out on herself or a staff member before advising it to her patients. Her practice is conveniently placed on Wilshire Boulevard and serves all of the Los Angeles place. Dr. Nazarian provides the finest in plastic surgery and non-surgical process, where you are looking for a slight change in your appearance or for a full transformation.

Dr. Rahbans

He is dedicated to artistic perfection gathered with his diligent focus to detail is evident by his natural surgical outcomes and 1000s of satisfied patients. He is famous for his extraordinary work with Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty and Mommy Makeovers to name a few. His status and amongst colleagues and patients has fast made him the “go-to-guy” for corrective and revisonal surgeries. Aside from being talented plastic surgeon, Dr Rahban is also a keen photographer and painter who has a best talent for capturing the difficulty of natures beauty, which transcends into his  surgical process. His commitment to supporting others is plain in this reconstructive surgeries with cancer and trauma patients.

Dr. David Stoker

He is a leader in plastic surgery with distinguished credentials and more than fifteen years of experience. Regularly consulted for TV and print media, he is an instructor and author for surgeons around the planet.

Dr. Stoker and his team are thrill to help you feel and look your best. At stroke plastic surgery we strive to develop lasting and perfect relationships with our patients. Request your consultation and begin a conversation with our patient coordinator today. Dr. Stoker emphasizes the significance of fully researching all of your choices. Here, you can review his full credentials to learn more about his practice and background philosophy and support you reach the decision that is top for you.…

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The ultimate suit buying guide for men

A new suit is an investment and should be carefully considered. Here’s our ultimate suit buying guide.

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Get the fit right

Regardless of the price, quality or designer label, an ill-fitting suit will always look bad. Make sure you buy the right size by measuring yourself properly. This means taking the following measurements: neck, shoulders, chest, waist, seat, thigh, nape to waist, sleeve length, inside leg and height. Use these measurements against an online size guide. If you’re planning on trying suits on, then make sure of the following things; that the shoulder pads lie flat, the sleeves don’t reach further than the thumb joint, that the hem of the trousers ‘rests’ lightly on the shoe and that there is a fist’s worth of room between your middle and the jacket.

Choosing a slim suit

Slim-fitted suits are all the rage as demonstrated by style icons such as Shawn Mendes, but it’s important to get it right. Just because the suit is slim does not mean it should be tight or stretched. With these suits it’s ok for the hemline of the trouser to be higher, either displaying socks or bare ankles.

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Choices include one, two or three buttons. Three buttons are no longer in vogue whilst one-button suits are very edgy. A two button suit, however, is a classic choice.

The lining

A lining is essential if you want a suit that sits well and feels good. Try to find a silk rather than polyester lining which will also help your skin breath. Many men love the look of a bright contrast lining, whilst others prefer something neutral – this comes down entirely to personal preference.

Get the shirt right

There is no point investing in an excellent suit if you are going to wear an inferior shirt beneath. Make sure you buy a shirt made from cotton and not polyester. Ideally, buy a high-quality designer Oxford shirt, but head online to get it for even less. Discounted mens designer shirts such as those found at are the perfect solution for finishing the look of your new suit.

When it comes to buying a suit it’s really important that you do your research, measure yourself properly and buy suits made from natural materials.…

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Fun Budget Date Ideas

Date nights are the best nights. Whether you’ve been together for 5 months or 5 years, there are always opportunities to make more memories together. It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either, you can have the perfect date even if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s some amazingly fun budget date ideas:

Picnic (Indoors or Outdoors)

Pack some delicious snacks in your picnic basket and head off to your local park. If there’s guaranteed sunshine, then you can make a day of it! Alternatively, if the weather isn’t on your side, why not have a picnic indoors? You could even make more of an effort and cook the snacks yourself before laying your blanket down in your living room. Pop open some prosecco and forget about the rain outside.

Be A Tourist

You think you know everything there is to know about your city? Think again. Be tourists in your own hometown and you’ll be surprised about how much you’ve missed in your other visits! Browse the (free) museums and art galleries, take a stroll around the shops and have a coffee at that café you’ve always wanted to go to.

A Cosy Night In

Sometimes you just can’t beat a cosy night in with your loved one. So throw on some comfy pyjamas, get the popcorn ready and prepare for an epic movie night. Have a marathon with movies from your favourite directors or series. And as this is movie night, you never know where the night may lead, so be sure to wear some luxury lingerie under your nightwear.

Rent Bikes

Renting bikes can be a fairly cheap way to spend the day out in the sunshine. You could drive to an area you want to explore more or keep it close to home by riding around your town. Either way, it’s the perfect first date idea if you’re stuck for what to do. You’ll probably work up an appetite with all that cycling, so stop off for some delicious ice-cream after.

Go Camping

Embrace the great outdoors with a low-budget camping trip! Pack all the essentials and hit the road to find the perfect camping spot. Don’t forget to bring some marshmallows for toasting on the fire.

Take A Trip to The Coast

If you feel like escaping for a while, then take a trip to your nearest coast side. It doesn’t have to be an expensive day out if you bring your own food and entertainment (volleyball is always a winner at the beach). Stay until the evening to watch the sunset for a romantic end to your day.

Which Will You Try?

The next time you’re considering another boring dinner date – reconsider with these fun budget date ideas! Why not try out a few of these over the next weekend? You could even surprise your partner with a spontaneous date that they’ll love.…