5 perfect bottom wears for kids of all ages

When we go for shopping for kids clothing, we get a variety of options to choose for our girls; dresses, frocks, t-shirts, shirts etc but the confusion begins when it comes to shopping for boys. Although it’s a myth that they don’t have  variety in styles. Well you can always buy funky, casual, polo t-shirts for them but did you know they even have plethora of options when it comes to bottoms. Let me take the opportunity to brief you about few of them.

1.  Joggers: This is a type of sports pants. It is loose near the waist and tapers down towards the feet. It is extremely comfortable. It let’s the skin breathe but at the same time gives the athletic feeling. It’s a great option when children want to play and want to wear something sporty yet comfortable. As the name suggests, it’s apt for wearing for jogging and running.

2. Trackpants:  This is also a variety of sports pant but now it is usually worn universally because it’s extremely comfortable. It is also known as sweat pants. These pants are neither too loose nor too tight. It will make your child look smart and will be ideal for all situations. When you shop for kids clothing, buy  casual t-shirts and sneakers to pair up with trackpants.

3.  Cargo pants:  This is a type of trouser which was used by  army. It’s extremely comfortable and can withstand rough use. It’s loose on legs making it very comfortable and durable at the same time. The unique selling point of this pants is that, it has many pockets. This really amuses small kids as they can keep a lot of things in those small pockets and it saves them from carrying any bag.  These pants look great with sweaters and boots.

4. Jeans: This is an ubiquitous choice of both adults and kids when it comes to pants. A very comfortable wear which goes well with any kind of shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, blazers etc. This needs minimum maintenance and has maximum permanence.  A great choice in kids clothing, considering their nature. It always makes them look smart and fashionable.

5. Shorts: Well this is undoubtedly every kids favourite piece of clothing. It’s extremely airy and makes them feel at ease. Infact, when they grow up they still want to wear shorts and go everywhere.  Boys can wear it at home or outside. They come in variety of sizes. Few of them are above knee and few of them below knee. Shorts are meant for sunmers to let the legs breathe.  They look amazing with casual t-shirts and flipflops or clogs.

We often focus on buying t-shirts and shirts for our kids and forget that to complete the look we also need good pants to go along with them.  Above,  I have selected those pants which not only will make your kids feel comfortable but make them look fashionable also.  A good t-shirt and a sporty pair of shoes is enough to complete their look.