Month: April 2020

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How do smartphones influence vision?

According to monitoring data from search engines in Europe, access to the Internet from mobile devices has already exceeded hits from desktop computers. This purely technological moment is directly related to vision. Many factors can affect the vision: stress, physical activity, medicines, like Original Viagra, as well as TV and other gadgets. 

If the TV or a computer is with us only at work or at home, then smartphones are everywhere. We watch videos and read the news, track posts, chat and play games. Many people regularly read entire books on their smartphones. According to the observations of ophthalmologists, the constant use of digital devices leads to the rapid development of myopia and dry eye syndrome. In this article, we will outline simple tips that will help reduce the negative effect on the eyes of using a smartphone.

Doctors even derived a name for this – computer vision syndrome. It is estimated that up to 70{23cd5a67e8f2c4bc214d3469e2cd5f2f3d3523d61fc3c79377f08f5c0fa3168a} of residents in the United States report signs of computer vision syndrome. The syndrome has characteristic manifestations:

  •     corneal redness
  •     eye fatigue;
  •     rapid blinking of the eyelids;
  •     blurred image;
  •     high photosensitivity;
  •     pain in the eyes.

Unlike printed text or a picture, a text or an image on the smartphone is not reflected, but self-luminous, consisting of pixels. The smaller the regularity of flicker, the lower the accuracy of the installation of accommodation of the eye muscles.

How to reduce the negative effect on the eyes when reading from a smartphone

Blink more often. This will moisturize the cornea and prevent drying out or redness of the eyes. To do this, place the smartphone as low as possible relative to eye level.
Use moisturizing drops. If it were so easy not to forget to blink more often while reading. In fact, we are immersed in text or video or a game and completely forget about everything around. In this case, instilling eye drops with moisturizing drops will be a convenient and reliable solution to protect your eyesight.

Make the text font larger. It will not strain your eyesight.

Periodically change the distance from the eyes to the smartphone, moving away and bringing the smartphone closer. This will require reconfiguration from the eyes, which reduces the likelihood of an accommodation spasm.

Adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen according to the brightness of the street or indoors. In this case, your eyes will not experience a strongly contrasting transition in brightness.

Use screen protectors on your smartphone screen. In addition to protecting from scratches, such a film also reduces the glare of reflected light, which can unpleasantly affect the eyes.

Get distracted and take frequent breaks. Look from your smartphone to other objects away from you every 4 minutes.

Switch to using audiobooks and voice playback programs that will be able to voice most of your information.

If you wear contact lenses, make sure they are optimally suitable for use with digital devices. For this, contact lenses must have high oxygen permeability and hydrophilicity, high contrast, and have a smooth surface.…