How do smartphones influence vision?

According to monitoring data from search engines in Europe, access to the Internet from mobile devices has already exceeded hits from desktop computers. This purely technological moment is directly related to vision. Many factors can affect the vision: stress, physical activity, medicines, like Original Viagra, as well as TV and other gadgets. 

If the TV or a computer is with us only at work or at home, then smartphones are everywhere. We watch videos and read the news, track posts, chat and play games. Many people regularly read entire books on their smartphones. According to the observations of ophthalmologists, the constant use of digital devices leads to the rapid development of myopia and dry eye syndrome. In this article, we will outline simple tips that will help reduce the negative effect on the eyes of using a smartphone.

Doctors even derived a name for this – computer vision syndrome. It is estimated that up to 70{23cd5a67e8f2c4bc214d3469e2cd5f2f3d3523d61fc3c79377f08f5c0fa3168a} of residents in the United States report signs of computer vision syndrome. The syndrome has characteristic manifestations:

  •     corneal redness
  •     eye fatigue;
  •     rapid blinking of the eyelids;
  •     blurred image;
  •     high photosensitivity;
  •     pain in the eyes.

Unlike printed text or a picture, a text or …