Month: March 2020

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Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your New hair color

New hair color gives you a fresh appearance. Hair coloring is more than just changing the color; you must also think about how to maintain the health and color to stick for a long time. If you never dye your hair before, you may make mistakes such as wash your hair right before going to the salon. The following tips will help you to prepare yourself before dyeing your hair:

Using shampoo the day before

New hair color

Washing your hair using shampoo will help remove the buildup of chemicals in hair. However, if you wash your hair right before you dye it, you will remove the natural oils in your hair. This can have a bad impact on the results of the hair coloring. You should wash your hair the day before coloring your hair. After dyeing the hair, please use shampoo and conditioner that is special for dye hair to maintain the color.

Choose Experienced Hair Stylists

Consult your desire to the right hairstylist. Consultant about the model, costs, and technical preparations that must be carried out. One trusted dresser that you can go to is Bondi Junction hairdressers. You can access more information about Bondi Junction through

Consult the Stylist

New hair color

people often get color references and hairstyles from the internet. It would be best if you showed the picture to your hairstylist. Consult the model and color that you will choose. Ask the professional first is it look good for you? How do you manage the hair after the dyeing process?

Consider the Costs of Treatment

hair coloring process is not only completed when your hair has changed color. After the hair coloring process, you still have to undergo regular hair treatment. As explained above, you can not carelessly choose hair color. This is related to the maintenance costs that you have to deal with later. Some hair color choices do look very cool, but in fact, these colors require more complicated care, and the cost is not small.  consult this matter with your hairstylist first…


Tips for Choosing Sports Equipment

You can do many types of sports at the fitness centre or home. Some exercises require certain equipment. Many people like sports without using equipment because it is considered more practical.

However, some others like to use the equipment, and that’s why they exercise in the fitness centre. As you know, the fitness centre provides various kinds of tools that can help your exercise become more productive.

However, for those of you who like to exercise using equipment, but are lazy to go to the fitness centre, you can buy it for your own. Here are some tips you can consider before purchasing sport equipment.

1. Ask for information

For beginners who start to exercise using equipment, it doesn’t hurt if you ask more questions, both to friends who know a lot about it or to the shopkeeper of sports equipment. Thus, you can get a better understanding of the equipment you are going to buy.

2. Easy to Use

Don’t choose complicated tools; try to choose tools that are easy to use, especially for beginners. If the device uses a monitor, then choose one that only contains a few buttons. Also, select a tool that has a quick start button to make it easier for you to make settings.

3. Provide Exercise Variations

To form the perfect body muscles, we need a device that has a function to help you do a variety of exercises. Therefore, before buying exercise equipment, it never hurts to ask the purpose of the machine first. Make sure you don’t regret after pruchasing specific equipment.

4. Has a warranty

It is essential to buy goods or equipment that have an official guarantee, including sports equipment. The guarantee would replace your equipment with a new one of it is damaged. However, don’t forget to always look at the terms and conditions of the warranty. Find various sports equipment needs with good quality and affordable prices only at Decathlon.…