Tips on Choosing Tents for Out Door Wedding Parties

Outdoor concept weddings are popular these days. Are you the one who is planning to have an outdoor wedding? If so, one crucial thing in outdoor parties is the selection of tents. You want your wedding to be memorable, right? Here we prove you the tips on choosing a wedding tent as follows:

Choose a Tent According to Your Need

Before throwing a party, of course, you and your partner have made a plan and a concept. The number of guests, what food will be served, what entertainment, etc. From that plan, you can determine what type of tent to suit your party’s needs. There are many types of tents. There is a party canopy, pop up canopy, frame tent, and many more. Of course, you can discuss in advance with your wedding organizer. You can take a peek at Sydney’s collection of marquee for hire types at

Choosing Tents According to Time and Location

This second point is still related to the first point. From the concept of the party, you can determine the type of tent. The tents for mountains area are relatively thicker and will be different from the tents that will be used on the …

A Welcoming Design for a Guest Bedroom

A comfortable guest room conveys a sense of welcome like nothing else can. Taking some time to make the guest room functional and beautiful is well worth the effort.

Although a guest room seems to be nothing more than a bedroom, in reality it is so much more for an out-of-town visitor. This room represents a sitting room, quiet space, television-viewing area, dressing room, snack bar and so many other things to someone away from home. Creating a space for each of these functions will make guests feel right at home. Tim Payne of Online Store offers some suggestions.

Guest Room Basics

Since a guest room is used by so many different people throughout the year, homeowners have the freedom to decorate the guest room to their own design tastes. However, caution should be used when selecting a colour for such a space. Using gender-neutral tones will prevent the room from becoming too masculine or feminine.

A buttery yellow tone on the walls creates a warm, cosy atmosphere. Accenting the room with small touches of brick red or sky blue produces an interesting, yet restful space. Colours such as cool, serene blue and green, convey a sense of peace. …

Understand the safe way to install electricity

Almost all electronic devices in the home currently depend on power. Not only to light the house, cool the room, and watch television, electricity is often used for household purposes. Therefore, household electrical installations must be installed safely and adequately to avoid a short circuit or a fire.

For those of you who are building or renovating houses, you should first understand the electrical installation at home, even though a contractor can do the installation of electricity. The following is a complete guide to an electrical installation that you can try.

1. Complete Guide to Electrical Installations

electrical installation is a network that is used to transmit electrical power to any electronic devices at home. Before you install an electrical installation at home, here are some things to consider and the steps that you need to be done.

  • Know the size of the house and electrical power
  • Preparing supporting material needs
  • Prepare the needs of other tools
  • Install materials for electrical installations
  • Installing on the mainline
  • Installing installation cables leading to switches and sockets
  • Connect wires to the MCB, switches, and sockets

2. Home Electrical Installation

electrical home installation requires special attention. Therefore, before doing so, you should make an …

Types of Hotel Based On Their Location

The development of the hotel business is always growing, Hotels of all sorts have their characteristics, all of them based on a targeted marketplace and of the hotel’s location.

Well, what are the types of hotels based on location?

1. Resort Hotel

The resort is a place to stay that is usually in nature. For example, the edge of the beach or the mountains. This place to stay also presents a comfortable feel. Various facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, even shopping centers are in the resort, in architectural terms, usually focusing more on both the traditional and the artistic aspects.

2. City Hotels

City Hotel found in large cities that have many large office areas. Usually located in a strategic location in the office or business area like Bangkok. Having facilities that support meetings, conducting trade transactions, doing any kind of business, seminars, or doing official events of a company. If you are bringing a family for a business trip and looking for Family Hotel Room Bangkok, Ibis Ratchada is the right choice.

3. Motel

A motel is a resting place for those who are traveling far. Usually located on the outskirts of the city, on the highway …