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Aetas Bangkok, the Hotel that Offering a View of Bangkok.

There are many reasons why people choose to stay at a hotel. People love to stay at the hotel not only because of the facilities but also other values. If you are one of those who like to see the city from above, Aetas Lumpini convenient hotel sukhumvit is the right choice.

Here are some of the advantages if you stay at Aetas Hotel Bangkok:

Room With City View at Aetas Lumpini Hotel

There are five types of rooms available to enjoy the typical city view of Bangkok. The first choice is the Superior Room. The Second is a Deluxe Room. The Third is Executive Suites. The Fourth is Governor Suite. The fifth choice is the Presidental Room Suite.

Room for Family

Aetas Hotel Bangkok has a Deluxe Room. This type of room has a size of ​​46 square meters. With 1 King Size Bed, 1 Queen Size, complete with facilities, four family members can stay together in this room.


Many positive reviews come from visitors who have stayed at Aetas Bangkok. All, such as the front office, room service, parking attendants, and security guards believed to give the best service to the guests who come. Coupled with a clean and well-maintained room, every guest will feel comfortable when staying here.

Aetas Hotel Bangkok, is it worth the try?

If you come to the city of Bangkok to see the atmosphere of this city from a height, Aetas Hotel Bangkok is the right place. Romantic night atmosphere will be built up perfectly. Suitable for you who travel with your soulmate.

Also, this hotel is close to a well-known factory outlet in the city of Bangkok. With this strategic location, Aetas Hotel Bangkok becomes the right choice to hunt various fashion products. Product choices ranging from clothing, pants, and bags can be easily found at Central World.…

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Tips for Proper and Safe Home Electricity Installation

Installing a home electricity can indeed be done alone, but we need to know how to install it properly so that the electricity network can run well and safe.

As we know, an error in the installation of electrical installations not only causes a short circuit of the electricity network but also bad installation that can threaten life safety. If you are not sure about install electricity alone, you can consult with  ตัวแทน Schneider (Schneider agency).

So, how do you install the house electricity properly and safely? The first thing you should do, of course, know the basics about the power line.

By knowing the basics of electrical installation, the risk of accidents caused by mistakes in installing electricity can be minimized.

To find out more, see the explanation below.

Home Electrical Installation Tips

There are some important things you need to pay attention to before going into the discussion of how to install home electricity. These things should not be missed, because this can determine the success of electrical installation.

Calculate the size of houses and buildings

Calculating the size of a house or room is very important before installing electricity.

This is a must so that we know how long the cables are needed as a way of electrical installation in the electricity network.

Also, by calculating the size of the room, we can find out how many cables, lights, fittings, and switches are needed in each room in the house.

Number of Rooms Available

The number of rooms in the house must also be considered before installing electricity. By knowing the amount of room, we know how many sockets are needed.

The number of sockets in a room is usually seen from the function and use of the room. Therefore, pay attention to the function of the room too.

Need to be underlined, to install the socket itself, make sure the installation distance is at least 125 centimeters from the floor. This is intended to avoid the socket reach by children.

Magnitude of Electric Power Required

Finding out the amount of electrical power needed is also important so that we can determine the size of the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) used.

For houses that have a fairly huge, it’s a good idea to install the electricity house is divided into several groups using several MCB.

Prepare the Materials Needed

Before we can do the electrical home installation, of course, we need the materials for the installation process, right? Therefore, prepare items such as:

Know the Cable Size and Difference Color Code

Determining the right cable size is needed in installing an electrical home. The size of the power cable determines how much ampere capacity it has.

This is important because the lack of amperage cable can cause a short circuit of electric current. Also, the color code contained in the power cable determines the size of the conductor wire.

However, the alternating current (AC) color code of the cable is not related to its amperage capacity, such as a black wire for current sources, blue for neutral conductors, and green for containment.…

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Apartment as a Save Stay Option while on Vacation

Finding lodging while on vacation is not easy. If in the past people tended to rely on hotels as a place to stay, now the trend for daily apartment rentals is even more in demand by residents. At present, vertical housing is not only functioned as a residence, more than that, but many apartments are also rented on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. When on vacation, usually people will only rent an apartment daily. But choosing an apartment cannot be haphazard either, Apartement for rent yangon Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye is a highly recommended apartment for those of you who are looking for lodging in Yangon, Myanmar. What makes the Apartment for rent offered by Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye more attractive and what benefits can be obtained? Check out the following explanation:

Cheaper Rental Prices

This is the first reason why daily apartment rentals are more profitable than hotels. The reason, apartment rental prices are usually cheaper when compared to hotel room rentals. Guests at the hotel are limited and can be charged an additional fee, while at the apartment, we can bring any number of people as desired. Also, because it is a private property, apartment rental prices are more affordable.

Have Adequate Access

Adquate acces and close access to everywhere is the main key needed by people who are on vacation to a city or region. Apartment for rent apartments from Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye are built near the city center or downtown. This is done as a facility for its inhabitants.

Adequate Facilities

Facilities and infrastructure contained in the apartment is almost the same as the facility from the hotel. Facilities supporting vacation time, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms and so on are exist. Apartment rental prices are usually included with all the facilities available. While some hotels charge extra fees if we want to take advantage of the facilities available.

More Simple Rules and Administration

During the vacation, we certainly want everything to run easily and simply. This is often not found in a hotel. Binding rules and lengthy administration makes us often inconvenience during check-in or check out. Interestingly, this does not apply if you rent an apartment so that your vacation is more enjoyable.…

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New Vespa Primavera

For the umpteenth time Vespa launched an innovation with the latest technology on its flagship product. New Vespa Primavera which is the youngest family with a compact body and engine that features i-Get technology.

This model received a new engine capacity of 125cc and 150cc. This new engine will maximize vehicle performance and minimize fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Both of these engines carry 1-cylinder 4-stroke fuel-injection. The injection system has been maximally improved and the presence of barometric sensors on the ECU ensures the combustion system is more effective in all conditions. Power and torque rotation certainly can exceed expectations making it suitable for all road conditions.

Special 125cc engine capable of producing power of 10 hp at 7,700 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 6000 rpm. Whereas the 150cc motor is capable of producing 12.7 hp at 7,750 rpm and torque of 12.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The gearbox has also been increased to reduce new friction. ABS braking system is also a standard equipment of this motorbike. Vespa for sale UK offers Vespa Primavera for sale with a choice of colors Rosso Dragon (with beige seats), Nero Vulcano (with red seats), Midnight Blue (with beige seats) and Montebianco (with red seats).

There is a touring version of the new Vespa Primavera with various additional equipment such as front-back luggage and chrome-plated. Especially for this touring version there is a choice of new colors Marrone Crete Senesi and elegant.

A wide selection of accessories is also available for this latest model to your liking. So if you are a Vespa lover, express yourself with the new Vespa Primavera.


Engine Type Single cylinder 4 stroke, 3 catalyzed valves
Displacement CC 124.5
Bore X Stroke 52 mm x 58.6 mm
Max Power Output 7.9 kW -10.7 HP- at 7,700 rpm
Max Torque 10.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 8 L
Starter Electric
Transmission Type Automatic CVT with torque server
Dimensions LxWxH 1860 mm x 735
Wheelbase 1340 mm
Seat Height 780 mm
Tyre Size Front Tubeless 110/70 – 11”
Tyre Size Rear Tubeless 120/70 – 11”
Brakes Type Front Stainless steel disc 200 mm with hydraulic control
Brakes Type Rear Drum 140 mm with mechanical control
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3 Important Aspects When Building Applications for Company

One of the tasks of the IT division or system development team within the company is to build applications according to company needs.

Read the points below before deciding to build an application for the company.

Main Purpose of Application

The first thing to think about is the purpose for building an application. Don’t put all the data in the same application. As an example, employee attendance and purchasing orders must have various developments because the fields used have different subjects. Make sure the purpose of the application is clearly defined at the beginning, to determine the needs of the application development and what needs to be prepared.

The Technology Used

After determining the development objectives, we need to decide what technology to use. Is this application specifically designed for mobile, desktop only, or both? 

Database technology must also be considered according to needs and budget, do you want to use Oracle or SQL Server? The operating system can be Windows or Linux, and data storage can be on-site or on cloud services. Make sure you are using the right technology so you can maximize the function of your application. Find out more and discuss this with your developers.

Resource or Vendor

The developer selection is also very important. The best for other companies is not necessarily the best for your company. Development by the internal division should be accompanied by development from an external vendor. It is cost-effective, and won’t disturb the stability of the company if your IT department is busy.

If you decide to use an external vendor, make sure you get a work transparency agreement from the beginning so your team can monitor the process and avoid data leakage. If you are looking for a trusted vendor for migration services and applications from Enterprise workloads to multiple cloud ecosystems, Limepoint is the right choice. Visit the website at…


3 Best Ways to Reduce Solid Waste that Must Be Tried

The 3 ways below are one of the answers to the pollution problems that have become a part of everyday life. Solid waste is residue in the form of solid substances, can be in the form of paper, wood, metal, foam, dry leaves, plastic to animal waste.

Each waste management technique has advantages and disadvantages. One technique of managing waste might also not apply to different types of waste. Wasted Opportunites can help you in transporting all types of waste if the waste has been piled up too much.

But knowing and applying the 3 best ways to reduce solid waste as will be explained below will certainly help reduce the problem of waste

1. Making Compost

Compost is an artificial fertilizer made from natural ingredients. After being decomposed by certain microorganisms, it has a nutrient composition that is almost the same as humus soil.

Solid waste in the form of organic waste such as vegetable waste, twigs, and leaves, is the main ingredient for composting. Solid waste in the form of organic material intended for composting can also be a biopori filler to help absorb rainwater into groundwater.

2. Waste Recycling

One of the 4 best ways to reduce solid waste is to recycle solid waste. This recycling can be done at the household level or the industry level. Solid waste treatment at the home level usually utilizes household waste or waste that is easily found around the house.

Creativity and collaboration with various parties are needed to market the results of creativity from recycling the waste. Not only does it reduce the problem of waste, the treatment of solid waste can create jobs and increase income.

3. Making Biogas

Animal waste is a form of livestock solid waste that needs to be processed so it does not dirt the surrounding environment. Making biogas from cow feces needs a process of decomposition of waste with the help of certain microorganisms that must be carried out in an anaerobic atmosphere (closed and protected from free air).

fThe basis for making biogas is the fermentation process must take place at temperatures of 30 – 55 Celsius. This is important to form gases such as methane and carbon dioxide called biogas.…

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4 Skills to Become a Successful Sales

Sales Jobs Thailand is the right choice for those who have the knowledge, quality, and ability to compete in this field. Some skills that must be own by a salesperson can be trained and learned through practice and experience.

Success is not a gift from birth, but the pile of hard work. If you want to be a successful salesperson, it’s better to learn these six mandatory abilities:

Observe the prospects

Finding the right sales prospects is like mining gold. You must understand the difference between ordinary stone and gold

As a salesperson, you must learn to identify prospects. This has become an important skill to

have competitive manners. Of course, you will waste time if you put all your energy and effort if your prospect is wrong. Not all prospects can be converted into sales, so you need to keep an eye, good timing, and a deep understanding to find it. When you are used to observe prospects, your sales intuition will be sharper.

Good at building relationships

Communication is very important in the sales industry, but it is not the only way to introduce a product or to make a sales presentation. The more important thing is to build connections, this takes a lot of good communication skills. To reach a good relationship, you not only need lip service that many sales do. If you only give lips service, you will never be able to build sincere connections and relationships.

Ask smart questions

Remember, smart questions produce good answers — and sales. Here’s the reason:

You must understand that you are not just selling products. In a broader scope, you also provide services, create solutions, and solve problems. But before you can provide a solution, you must be able to identify the problem first. The only way to find a problem is to ask the right thing.

Like a doctor who diagnoses patients, you must be systematic and accurate. The best professionals salesperson can identify the needs of prospective clients. Through intelligent questions, you will be able to find the need of your prospective customers. To be able to ask questions intelligently, you must break down words into helpful, relevant, and specific questions to get the right answer. When you finally get the answer, you can offer your product or service as a solution to their problem.

Tough in handle rejection

As a salesperson, of course, you understand that there will be many rejections when you try to sell a product. What distinguishes beginner salesperson and the expert salesperson is the ability to deal with potential customer rejections.

Rejection is unavoidable, so, see it as a wall to your goals. The key is to understand why potential clients refuse. You have to find out about this if you want to be success in selling.…


Enjoy the Beauty and Silence in Thailand’s Hidden Paradise

Thailand is not only a lively vacation spot with a nightlife, but this country also has the right places for you who want a quiet and calm vacation. Here are some hidden paradise in Thailand that can be your references in future vacation.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is known as a place for scuba diving. Many shops rent scuba diving equipment for those of you who want to try diving in the beautiful sea full of coral and other sea creatures. On this island, there are many best villa and lodging for those of you who plan to spend vacation time in Thailand. One of them is like Naroua, they offer beach villa Thailand at affordable prices and complete facilities

Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island is the second-largest island in Thailand after Phuket. This island is no less beautiful than Phuket, although it’s not as popular as Phuket. One of the backpacker’s favorite tourist destinations is Koh Chang Beach, located on Koh Chang Island. Not only can you enjoy diving in the beautiful and calm sea, but you can also do hiking in the forest to get to the enchanting waterfalls, crowded night markets and full of delicious and affordable food.

Koh Kut

Koh Kut is the right place for you who want a calm atmosphere while relaxing on a hammock enjoying the beach breeze. Here, you can also do various water activities, such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Yai is the largest island in Krabi and also one of the best islands to explore Thailand. The stretch of beach on this island is very beautiful and very suitable for diving and snorkeling activities.

Koh Yao

Koh Yao is the most accessible island of Phuket. This island is perfect for you who want to run away from all the crowds and want a quiet vacation. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches of Koh Yao Yai, such as Hat Lo Pared and Hat Chonglard.…

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The Importance of Expedition in Online Business

Things that are closely related to Online Stores is a freight service such as SPH Trans. It is important to underline that the credibility of an online business is also determined by a shipping service. An online business deserves to be trusted if they have goods with good quality, helpful customer service and also fast and reliable shipping so that the goods purchased by the customer can arrive in full.

For those who are struggling in the business of home-made products, for example, the role of freight forwarding service is certainly very significant. Expedition service itself is very dependent on the transportation they have. In other words, an expedition service can only operate if it has adequate facilities including land, sea or air transportation.

One of the tips for a business to run smoothly and successfully is start with what you like. Sometimes people tend to become ignorant of what they have to do or where they have to start when they want to make a business.

Business development is inseparable from the role of the modes of transportation. Both of them work together and go hand in hand, they occur like a symbiosis of mutualism. To sending goods from certain areas to other areas is part of running a business, using the services of Melbourne interstate couriers such as SPH Trans is the best choice.

Not only profitable in terms of security and time estimation but with increasingly sophisticated technology, consumers are also easier to check the position and status of the goods they send. Of course, it can be done by utilizing the tracer and tracker facilities that are usually available on the official website of the selected shipping company.

The technology makes everyone ascertain whether the goods are still being processed or have been sent. So it is very unreasonable if someone doubts the importance of the expedition in online sales.

When sending goods, late arrival that does not match the estimated delivery time often occurred. This kind of tradition need to be changed by the production team so that the delivery will go directly to the intended person.

Timeliness is important things, this should be the main focus of every expedition. If you want to choose an expedition, choose a well-known expedition so that every shipment is safer and guaranteed to arrive.…

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Business Strategy To Make Your Business More Efficient

To achieve success, a company must have a business strategy. Small, large and start-up companies must be prepared to face all challenges. Therefore, you must prepare a good business plan and strategy. Proper business planning will undoubtedly give your business an advantage over your competitors, who don’t have a plan.

No matter how large the scale of your business, efficiency in achieving company targets must still be considered. A company that is highly efficient can complete work according to target. Then, how do you create a business strategy to increase company efficiency? Here are some ways you need to try.

Take advantage of technology.

One of the benefits of this advanced technology is that creating things related to business becomes easier. Not only is the method fast, but it’s also cheap. Therefore, you can take advantage of technology when making the most efficient business strategies. Many platforms can help you to make business more profitable. One excellent piece of business support software is AWS (Amazon Web Services).

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the complete cloud platform, used by many companies in the world, offering more than 175 comprehensive, superior services from data centers globally. However, learning this platform is not easy, but, you don’t need to worry, Polar Seven – AWS Experts can help you learn this platform. You can visit the website at to get more information.

Use Digital Integration

As you know, the development of the digital world is very advanced. You can take advantage of these technological advancements to make your business more efficient. If you already have problems with the system, use digital integration! The technology was created to simplify employee work, so take advantage of this for the development of your business. Through true digital integration, it should increase efficiency in various ways. With technology, you will save time. Nowadays, sending messages can take seconds, whereas in the past, you needed to send a letter and wait for days for the letter to arrive and get a reply. Because of technology, now, everything can be accessed in real-time with accuracy. This way, the problem will be quickly detected and can be resolved immediately.…