How to remain relevant in a fast-paced industry

We live in a world filled with ever-changing consumer trends and fads. With tastes moving faster than before, it can be hard to keep up, especially if you are looking at creating a start-up based on the current popular fields in the industry. However, it is not impossible, and many new businesses thrive off new trends. So, how can we build a successful business based on novelty items that could go out of fashion at any moment?

  1. Research the trend

If you’re looking into creating a business based around a trend, the chances are you have an idea about the product you’re looking to market. From here, you should research your potential competitors and make a note of how they operate – giving special attention to the aspects that you feel you could do better. Ask yourself the questions: How long have they been operating? What is their current selling price? How long has it been since the trend came into fashion?

This is relevant for products where their will always inevitably be an end date; such as the merchandise created for events such as the Olympics, Music Tours, and the World Cup. Eventually, all will end and then the …

Essential nutritional supplements for women on the go

For those of us on the go, our busy schedule often means that we don’t care for our bodies as much as we should by taking the time to consume a healthy balance of foods, or even enough food, to ensure that we are getting the nutrients that our bodies crave and need to stay healthy. Sometimes, our hectic lives mean that we need a little help to get the right nutrients into our bodies so that we can stay active and on the go. Below are a list of essential nutritional supplements that you can take to ensure that your body is getting all it needs and to give you a boost and keep up with your busy schedule.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is vital to the function of our bodies. It is responsible for helping to keep our calcium and phosphate at healthy levels to help keep our bones, teeth and muscles strong. The main source of Vitamin D comes from the Sun which penetrates the skin and provides us with this vital nutrient.

Public Health England recommends that everyone should take Vitamin D supplements, especially in autumn and winter when we are …

A Guide to Wearing Activewear Outside of the Gym

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but sometimes people wearing the gym gear out of the gym can look a little bit too casual. There are a few rules to follow so you don’t look like you couldn’t be bothered getting ready in the morning, here’s a look at some tips for pulling off gymwear daily and avoid a mens loungewear look for the gym.


Sadly, regular fit joggers in a fleece material can usually look baggy and doesn’t help the look, buying a slim fitted pair shows more intention to your look. Usually darker colours are best, as joggers aren’t the main attraction, they’re used to define both trainers and the top you’re wearing. If you do find a pair with a print on them, whether it’s a camo design or something more technical for the gym, matching them up with plain tops and trainers is the best idea so the look isn’t too overbearing.


Unless you have just been to the gym, picking out some lifestyle trainers rather than running shoes helps show off the intentional style. Running and athletic trainers are built differently, their sole intention is support and comfort during a run, …