What Colors Go With Burgundy?

We could say that the burgundy color becomes a kind of deeper cousin of the more vibrant and fiery red, and it can feel like a truly outstanding hue, especially during the autumn and winter months, when the most common is to wear clothes in neutral tones such as brown, black, gray or white.

The question which mostly young generation asked that what colors go with burgundy? Here is the answer you can see; as with most similar shades, it is possible to use this slightly warm color with almost any item of clothing, in a similar way as you do with cold colors or tones. Of course, there are some colors to wear with burgundy clothes that will always make you look and feel good, but what are they? We discover which colors combine perfectly with burgundy, and we also offer you some simple tips that will be very helpful.

Although it is true that burgundy is traditionally a fall and winter color, because precisely usually considered one of the most popular colors or shades of autumn, it does not have to become a color that we only wear during the months of October, November and December.

On the contrary, it is so rich, so mature and so personal, that it can be used from head to toe combining textures along the way to avoid, above all, that it looks too flat (and especially, to match).

You just have to wrap yourself with the wonderful burgundy color and combine it with the five colors or shades that best combine. From luxurious gold pieces, which will combine almost instantly with any outfit, to much warmer colors. Do you dare to discover them?


Garments in gold color can be ideal to provide a truly luxurious touch to your clothing, especially if they are combined with metallic gold pieces, and also with the odd accessory at the same time.

On this occasion, for example, you can combine a gold-colored long-sleeved coat with a navy-blue skirt, or a gold-colored synthetic leather long skirt.


Although it is common for darker tones to be used in autumn, such as brown or black, it is also perfectly possible to exchange them with a certain tone or with a slightly brighter and more striking color.

This is what happens with pink that, indeed, combines very well with burgundy pain. In fact, the use of pink with intense red as would be the case with burgundy will provide a unique and wonderful contrast.


Like black, white also tends to go well with almost everything. This is another neutral classic, especially if you combine it with burgundy. For example, you can use white pieces to accent your clothes when you wear other garments with a burgundy hue.

Opt for a burgundy dress blouse and plain white pants, or a white long-necked T-shirt and a long burgundy skirt.


Like red, burgundy is certainly a powerful color, but in a way, it’s true, a little more subtle. Therefore, it is an ideal traditional color to combine with other equally traditional colors, such as navy blue (or gold or gold, as we already mentioned at the beginning of this list). In fact, you can enjoy a much more casual look by opting for navy blue jeans and a long burgundy coat.


Continuing with the more classic shades, gray can also is a color that combines well with burgundy. And combining them can become an excellent way to mix your look properly, since you will achieve a somewhat more urban atmosphere, and also elegant.

Opting for garments of gray color, possibly the burgundy color never looked so modern and elegant.


Black is, par excellence, a classic neutral shade. But when combined with the burgundy color it becomes a wonderful and unique mix. And, as you may know, the reality is that the color black combines practically with anything.