Using Waterlilies and Company for My Bath and Body Needs

My best friend is the hardest person to buy a gift for. She lives such a simple life that she really does not need much of anything. She loves to read, but she gets all of her books from the library. She gets a great discount at the department store she works at on clothes and household items, and she doesn’t like to go out and do things like concerts or sporting events. I was thinking hard on what to get her for her birthday when I came up with a gift from Waterlilies and Company for her.

This is a company that I had recently started to use myself because everything they sell is free of toxins that the lotions, soaps, and makeup that is sold in stores generally have in them. I first purchased aromatherapy items from the company, but then I started looking at everything they do sell and switched to their products when possible. One of my favorite things from them is the deodorant that I get, because it is comfortable, does not irritate my skin, and it smells so good too. I also use their lotions a good bit along with their soaps, and that is when I came up with the idea to look for a gift for her on this site.

I know the store she works at sells bath and body products too, but I also knew that they were not all natural. I ended up getting her a gift box of Coconut Lime Tranquility which includes body lotion as well as a sugar scrub. I have used both of these, and I absolutely love how they make me feel as well as the scent. I know she is going to like it, and I think that she is probably going to switch to using Waterlilies and Company for her bath and body needs as well.