Types of Hotel Based On Their Location

The development of the hotel business is always growing, Hotels of all sorts have their characteristics, all of them based on a targeted marketplace and of the hotel’s location.

Well, what are the types of hotels based on location?

1. Resort Hotel

The resort is a place to stay that is usually in nature. For example, the edge of the beach or the mountains. This place to stay also presents a comfortable feel. Various facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, even shopping centers are in the resort, in architectural terms, usually focusing more on both the traditional and the artistic aspects.

2. City Hotels

City Hotel found in large cities that have many large office areas. Usually located in a strategic location in the office or business area like Bangkok. Having facilities that support meetings, conducting trade transactions, doing any kind of business, seminars, or doing official events of a company. If you are bringing a family for a business trip and looking for Family Hotel Room Bangkok, Ibis Ratchada is the right choice.

3. Motel

A motel is a resting place for those who are traveling far. Usually located on the outskirts of the city, on the highway between cities. The facilities are not as luxurious as other types of hotels because they are only intended as a temporary transit point and focus more on the availability of large, convenient, and safe parking spaces.

4. Residential Hotels

Residential Hotel is a place for those who want to stay for a long time, usually far from the crowd.

Although far from the crowds, residential hotels still must have easy access from the city center or places for business or trade activities. And it has complete facilities for its visitors.

5. Downtown Hotel

Located in a commercial and shopping area. Which is usually built with shopping facilities or in collaboration with trade businesses as a mutually beneficial partnership.