Top Benefits That Real Houseplants Have Over Faux Plants

Though synthetic plants are easy to care for and great for bringing some colour into the home, they have little benefits when it comes to your health – unlike real plants. Houseplants aren’t just a lovely sight in the home, they’re actually extremely good for us, with more positive qualities than faux plants. From improving your mood to clearing the air of toxins, below are the top benefits that real houseplants have over faux plants:

Bringing a Peaceful Atmosphere

Researches have found that those who care for plants have a reduced stress level than those who don’t. There’s a certain satisfaction that people get from furniture and tending to plants which simply isn’t found when polishing up synthetic plants. Scientists have found that plants help people channel their stress and frustration into something beautiful and calming. High-maintenance plants may return a greater increase in mood than low-maintenance plants, so invest in begonias, ferns and ivy as opposed to less needy succulents.

Become More Caring

Yes, really. Maintaining houseplants can actually make us more caring. There’s a correlation between those who care for plants and the tendencies they exhibit in relationships. Studies have shown that people who are around nature and who care for nature are typically more likely to help others. It’s also a great way to introduce your child into what responsibility means. They’ll be taught to understand other’s needs and what it feels like to have to look after something on a regular basis. Give them their own special houseplant to look after, you could even put it by the patio garden furniture in your conservatory to brighten up the room.

Clean the Air

Greenery will undoubtedly provide your home with cleaner air! It’s well-known that houseplants can help to detoxify the air in your home just as well as a purifier. Beautiful plants aren’t just for outdoors to decorate your patio area with outdoor wicker furniture, they can also be used in and around the home to brighten the place. They’re particularly effective in stuffy rooms like an office or even a cupboard! Try to place a leafy green houseplant in each room and you’ll soon start to notice a difference in the clarify of the air, making your home feel fresher and cleaner.

Promote Strong Memory

Studies have shown that plants have a calming influence. The natural environment they help to create can also increase memory retention and concentration. Interestingly, researchers have found that work performed around or near ornamental plants is normal of higher quality and higher accuracy than work done without the presence of nature, so it may be worth placing some in your study too!