Tips on Choosing Tents for Out Door Wedding Parties

Outdoor concept weddings are popular these days. Are you the one who is planning to have an outdoor wedding? If so, one crucial thing in outdoor parties is the selection of tents. You want your wedding to be memorable, right? Here we prove you the tips on choosing a wedding tent as follows:

Choose a Tent According to Your Need

Before throwing a party, of course, you and your partner have made a plan and a concept. The number of guests, what food will be served, what entertainment, etc. From that plan, you can determine what type of tent to suit your party’s needs. There are many types of tents. There is a party canopy, pop up canopy, frame tent, and many more. Of course, you can discuss in advance with your wedding organizer. You can take a peek at Sydney’s collection of marquee for hire types at

Choosing Tents According to Time and Location

This second point is still related to the first point. From the concept of the party, you can determine the type of tent. The tents for mountains area are relatively thicker and will be different from the tents that will be used on the beach. Make sure the tent chosen is practical and does not disturb the comfort of the guests. The happiness of you and your partner is number one, but the comfort of the guests remains important.

Choose by Color and Shape

You can choose a tent based on the colour you and your partner like. Choose one that fits the theme and concept of your wedding. With the right and matching colour combination, your party will be more elegant.

The Right Accessories

If you hire a wedding organizer, they usually offer a variety of accessories and party decorations. Please choose according to the concept of the party. Don’t put up too many accessories because it will look excessive and reduce the elegant impression of your party.


The calculation of the cost of your wedding party needs a lot of consideration. Especially in choosing a tent.  You need to first look at the rental price of each service provider. You can then compare the costs incurred with the quality and facilities. At the Capeglobaltents, you can find attractive offers such as waterproof stretch tents for sale in south africa.