Tips for Proper and Safe Home Electricity Installation

Installing a home electricity can indeed be done alone, but we need to know how to install it properly so that the electricity network can run well and safe.

As we know, an error in the installation of electrical installations not only causes a short circuit of the electricity network but also bad installation that can threaten life safety. If you are not sure about install electricity alone, you can consult with  ตัวแทน Schneider (Schneider agency).

So, how do you install the house electricity properly and safely? The first thing you should do, of course, know the basics about the power line.

By knowing the basics of electrical installation, the risk of accidents caused by mistakes in installing electricity can be minimized.

To find out more, see the explanation below.

Home Electrical Installation Tips

There are some important things you need to pay attention to before going into the discussion of how to install home electricity. These things should not be missed, because this can determine the success of electrical installation.

Calculate the size of houses and buildings

Calculating the size of a house or room is very important before installing electricity.

This is a must so that we know how long the cables are needed as a way of electrical installation in the electricity network.

Also, by calculating the size of the room, we can find out how many cables, lights, fittings, and switches are needed in each room in the house.

Number of Rooms Available

The number of rooms in the house must also be considered before installing electricity. By knowing the amount of room, we know how many sockets are needed.

The number of sockets in a room is usually seen from the function and use of the room. Therefore, pay attention to the function of the room too.

Need to be underlined, to install the socket itself, make sure the installation distance is at least 125 centimeters from the floor. This is intended to avoid the socket reach by children.

Magnitude of Electric Power Required

Finding out the amount of electrical power needed is also important so that we can determine the size of the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) used.

For houses that have a fairly huge, it’s a good idea to install the electricity house is divided into several groups using several MCB.

Prepare the Materials Needed

Before we can do the electrical home installation, of course, we need the materials for the installation process, right? Therefore, prepare items such as:

Know the Cable Size and Difference Color Code

Determining the right cable size is needed in installing an electrical home. The size of the power cable determines how much ampere capacity it has.

This is important because the lack of amperage cable can cause a short circuit of electric current. Also, the color code contained in the power cable determines the size of the conductor wire.

However, the alternating current (AC) color code of the cable is not related to its amperage capacity, such as a black wire for current sources, blue for neutral conductors, and green for containment.