Tips for choosing the right lingerie for Making Love

Wearing lingerie with a beautiful and sexy model can be a tempting foreplay for couples. However, if you are intending to shop for lingerie, don’t just prioritize the model and color. Read these tips to find out how to choose comfortable lingerie!

Lingerie is basically not underwear that is used for activities all day. But just like choosing a bra and panties on a daily basis, how to choose lingerie must also be right so that the sex session is always comfortable and not even interrupted.

1. Choose the right size, not too small

Tips for wearing and choosing lingerie for the first time is to wear a size that fits your body. Sometimes to look sexy, many women choose a smaller size to make it look seductive when worn.

But unfortunately, lingerie that is too narrow actually doesn’t make it comfortable. For example, a bra that is too small can make you short of breath by interfering with blood flow to your lungs. For those of you who are looking for cheap plus size lingerie, you can buy it online only at

2. Choose the cotton

Lingerie is generally made of silk or synthetic materials. Unfortunately, these are materials that are rarely recommended for use on the genitals and breasts.

These materials do not absorb sweat, so they can trap moisture in the area. Moisture on the skin will cause irritation and fungus.

So the tips for choosing that must be considered are try to choose those made of cotton. If not, try to get the bottom or buttocks of the underwear made of cotton. Make sure to choose bra cups made of cotton. Currently, there are many wholesale lingerie that offers cotton bra cups at affordable prices.

3. Select according to body shape

Tips for wearing lingerie next is to choose the model according to body shape.

Since lingerie is generally worn to cover the breasts, buttocks and vagina, these two parts must be considered.

First, find out the shape of your breasts so you can find the most suitable cup. Second, make sure to buy lingerine only at lover-beauty. Why should you buy lingerine at lover-beauty? lover-beauty is the only online store that sells a wide variety of lingerines at affordable prices.

Third, make sure the lingerie cup covers your breasts. If the lingerie bra is worn and your hands are lifted up, the lower breasts should not come out of the lingerie wire.

4. Select One set

The last tip for choosing lingerie to show your partner later is to choose one package. A package of lingerie, bras and pants, generally have the same pattern and style. This will make your upper body and your body fit and sexy to look at.

In addition, wearing a lingerie set with the same pattern and color will make your appearance harmonious and elegant.