The Techniques and Options for Live Betting

Betting sites live on the next goal is really risky, but if you are able to analyze the game in the best way you could make some really interesting winnings. As already mentioned, you can bet live on the next team that will score during the game. To arrive at this result you can rely on data such as ball possession, the number of scoring chances created or the number of shots on goal. Betting on the next marker may sometimes be a lucky choice. In fact, if you follow the game in live streaming, pay attention to any set pieces or corner kicks. The presence of a good punishment player greatly increases the possibility that the marking on a set kick really takes place. Consider the distance from the penalty area and the barrier: players like Pjanic, Dybala, Messi or Lewandowski very often score a few meters away from the area. The most exciting thing about live betting is the fact that you will not only place classic pre-game bets, as in the normal case, but instead you will have many more options. The base: before the kick-off of a game, you can only bet on “fixed elements”. In the case of live bets, on the other hand, the operators are much more flexible and can respond to game situations by offering new betting options that had not previously been taken into consideration. For a good bookmaker, it is important not only to offer many sports and games, but also betting options. In the past, William Hill, for example, has often offered more than 50 betting options even on simple friendly matches with no significant significance.

Standard variants should therefore be available at all live betting providers, although a good bookmaker will offer an even wider portfolio of opportunities. This is the only way to guarantee players a great variety. The extra points in our test therefore go to those suppliers able to present a particularly wide variety.