The New Mutants 2019 Movie Review

New Mutants is one of the most awaited superheroes movies in the world. But rather than boasting the heroic actions of the heroes, it tends to bring up the thrilling factors of the discovery, self-finding, and the intrigues of being a mutant. If you are a big fan of X-Men movies, you surely won’t miss this movie too. The New Mutants is set to kick off the cinema on August 2, 2019.

Although the movie has yet to be released, many folks have been pretty excited with a lot of hypes revolving around the film. Even the party characters are great ideas to crash a party with your friends and companions. Making her a great addition for a superhero party . The New Mutants theme party can’t ever go wrong.

So, New Mutants 2019 centers about Blu Hunt who is Danielle Moonstar a.k.a. Mirage. She is a mutant with psionic powers that enable her to magnify the illusions drawing from person’s fear or desires.

The upcoming New Mutants movie has strong bonds with X-Men Films. That means it won’t be surprising to expect to see cameo appearances from our favorite X-Men characters. Therefore, it should be good to add the familiar X–men party characters to your party as well. There is a good reason behind it. We can’t break the ties between the New Mutants and a solid character like Deadpool. Back then, Deadpool made the comic debut when fighting The New Mutants. Hen after the Cable became the leader of the New Mutants, Deadpool join with him. The team was changed to X-Force.

With the links of the stories from New Mutants, X-Men, Deadpool, and Cable, it is so sensible that you could put them in one circle.

Not to mention that the New Mutants has a young adult vibe. That’s why it is a perfect theme for teenagers and grown-up party theme. Not much is known yet about the upcoming movies. But if you refer to the comic book, you will find many references that you can apply to your party.

One thing for sure, the movie makers decided to give a different vibe for the X-Men Films and Deadpool. The New Mutants is quite different from the two movies. You will expect the different vibes from New Mutants movies. Whether you are crashing a party after or before watching the New Mutants, make sure that you will enjoy the time with your taste buds. Have fun!