Stressless dresses: Four Stunning Hairstyles for Longer Hair

Women with long hair have a huge variety of styling options. While it’s great to have lots to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We’ve found four stunning styles that anyone can master whether they are attending a wedding or special event. These styles will complement any Wedding Guest Dresses that you can find from places such as

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1. The Chignon

A timeless classic, the chignon brings elegance to any look. A play on a ballet bun, the chignon sits low at the nape of the neck and relies on strands of hair being twisted and tucked under to create a smooth, wide bun. You’ll need plenty of bobby pins, but this style is surprisingly easy to do yourself. Play around with bangs and texture, and find the chignon to suit your personality. Find great, simple-to-follow instructions at

2. Half-Up, Half-Down

This classic schoolgirl style can be adapted and made a little special for your big day. This style is endlessly flattering for all faces. Cascading, softly curled hair can be laid over the shoulders while volume is built up at the root, and bangs can be styled to suit. Secure your half-up with a messy plait for a bohemian look, or wrap a piece of hair around a hairband for a sleek look.

3. Go Vintage

The vintage trend is still going strong as we push further into 2016. 1940s finger waves and pin curls can be attained relatively easily with a few heated rollers and bobby pins and will frame your face perfectly, whatever its shape. Styles that lift at the top of the forehead are great at lightening the dramatic effect of the heavy curls. For a truly 40s style, roll long hair under and pin at the base of your neck to fake a chic bob.

4. The Flower Crown

No longer simply the accessory of choice for festival-goers, the flower crown has made its way into wedding parties. The beauty of the flower crown is that you can choose flowers to match your bouquet and colour scheme. Go as ostentatious or subtle as you like. A flower crown acts a great structural base for a variety of hairstyles. A relaxed wavy style gives a hippy vibe, while a full-on head-dress made with piled-up hair and a bunch of large blooms gives a dramatic edge to even the simplest of dresses.