Established in 1990, Portland Fir specialise in the sales of artificial Christmas trees. They manufacture, design and supply high-grade artificial Christmas trees. With over 30 years of experience, Portland Fir takes pride in their ability to provide families with a snapshot of what Christmas is truly about, coming together, putting gifts under the tree to celebrate their love for each other. They provide stunning artificial Christmas trees courtesy of their creative design and manufacturing professionals. Their artificial Christmas trees are so well made and decorated with fine fabrics, lights, textures, dazzling finishes, themes and colour schemes it is easy to mistake them for real Christmas trees, they really make for a centre point for customers’ homes during such a special holiday season. 

The design and manufacturing professionals at Portland Fir have created an exceptional range of high-grade artificial Christmas trees for sale, their range includes different sizes ranging from 6ft to 8ft artificial Christmas Trees, this includes .5ft. Portland Fir has a red, gold, copper and white artificial Christmas tree for sale on their website, these are four of many different vibrant colours the business has to offer their customers. They provide decorated and non-decorated artificial Christmas trees depending on what you would like to see in your home this Christmas. Buy artificial Christmas trees from Portland Fir, pick from their extensive range and order online to make your holiday season more memorable this year. If you are struggling on making your decision, refer to Portland Fir’s buyer’s guide on their website where they take you through the process step by step, the height, different types of needle styles, assembly and much more.

Portland Fir also has a newsletter sign up so you can receive any updates they have in relation to new products, promotion and more if you are wanting to find yourself the right tree for the right price.

Buy artificial Christmas trees from Portland Fir if you are looking for a traditional and trendy artificial Christmas tree for sale that is going to brighten up your family’s Christmas this year. Portland Fir are all about spreading the right message on how special Christmas really is to them as a business. Their speciality is providing the people with the right artificial Christmas tree for sale that they hope creates a picture-perfect Christmas for you and your family.

There is a large range to choose from on their website, there is sure to be something which catches your eye, get in touch with one of their experienced team members to ask any questions you may have or book online today.