Netflix is All I Watch Now

When I want to know what all the new releases on Netflix will be on any given month, I go to one of my favorite websites. It is all about Netflix shows, movies and documentaries, and it is the most comprehensive site I have ever seen. One thing that I really like about it is that it does not make me keep clicking to go to a new page. I have seen so many websites like that, and it is annoying. I do want to see all the new films coming out on Netflix each month, but I do not want to have to keep clicking because most sites will only display one per page.

When I found the Netflix Insider website, I was so happy. I always used to just look at the movies, but I discovered there were a lot of things on Netflix that I was missing out on. This website has so much information on it. For example, one day I was looking and was able to see all the western movies that were on Netflix. Granted, I can go to the Netflix website and look there too, but they are not displayed the same way at all.

I get a better description from the Netflix Insider website, and I am even able to watch different trailers for the films. I have found so many new movies this way, and I have found myself watching mostly just Netflix because there is just so much more on there than I was even aware. I make it a point to check Netflix Insider at least a few times a week because their content is always getting updated. I have found a lot of shows to watch this way. Because of this, we are going to end up shutting off our cable to save money!