My Brother Advised Me on Registration Plates

I needed to get new registration plates, so I put a trip to the place in town that does that on my To Do list. When my brother was over not long ago, he looked at my list to see if there was anything he could help me with. As soon as he saw the note about my registration plates, he told me that I could cross that off my list. He said that I could save myself that trip just by going online to the website of The Plate Man.

He pulled up the website for me, and then he showed me the section where I would be able to order my new plates within just a couple of minutes. It really was that easy, and it was also comparable in price. Actually, it was less than what I would have paid had I gone to the place in town where most people around here go for their registration and show plates. I actually do a lot of things online, and I think I shop more on websites than I do in brick and mortar shops. I just never thought to see if I could do this online because it just seemed like one of those things you have to do in person.

I went ahead and ordered my registration plates that morning, and they were dispatched the same day because I had ordered them early enough. So, I did not have to drive into town and navigate heavy traffic, find a parking spot, wait a bit to have my order processed, and pay more money for it. Instead, I ordered from the comfort of my own home while still in my pajamas, drinking a cup of hot coffee, and paying less than I would have if I had gone in person. That is just one of the many reasons I appreciate my brother so much!