Mosquito Free Homes Without Chemicals

It must be annoying if you have a lot of mosquitoes at home. Especially in the dry weather like now. No wonder the insecticide is also widely used.

But wait a minute. Don’t get used to spraying the house with insecticides. Besides being dangerous because they contain poisons, anti-mosquito spray does not solve the problem totally. Once the medicine is gone, mosquitoes will appear again.

Well, it would be nice for you to start doing more natural ways to prevent mosquitoes from nesting at home. Like what?

Clean the house furniture

The first way a mosquito-free home is cleaning the furniture of the house. During the transition season like this, you must be diligent in cleaning water reservoirs such as bathtubs, water buckets, drinking water reservoirs, and refrigerator water reservoirs.

In addition, also check the window screens. Also make sure you use buzz b gone to kill all the mosquitoes in your house.

Avoid standing water

If your house has a house yard, make sure to clean the puddles from the remnants of rainwater. Also pay attention to gutters and various places that might become puddles after rain.

Because, eliminating standing water is tantamount to eliminating the chance of mosquitoes breeding. In this way, a mosquito-free home is not just a dream.

Maintain mosquito larva predators

Maintain mosquito larva predators fish is one way of mosquito-free homes. Stagnant water must be removed, but it is different with a pond in the yard.

It is believed, fish in the pond can eat mosquito larvae. However, still pay attention to the cleanliness of fish ponds too.

Use mosquito nets while sleeping

Instead of using chemicals that can have long-term harmful effects, it’s better and safer to use fragrances that are believed to be able to get rid of mosquitoes from home such as cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil. Add, use a mosquito net in your bedroom to avoid mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellent flowers

Yes, flowers can also repel mosquitoes. Marigold, Ageratum, Lemon Geranium, and Lavender are a group of flowers that are hated by mosquitoes. In addition to flowers, herbal plants such as Citronella grass, Tansy, and Basil can also be planted as mosquito repellent.

Avoid the habit of hanging clothes

Unwittingly, the habit of hanging clothes turns out to be a place for mosquitoes to rest. From now on don’t hang clothes behind the door or on the wall. Better to put it directly in the sink after finishing.