Luxury Belt Designers Offering Timeless Styles

Men’s belts can completely vary in price, but most people can identify a luxury belt from a distance. Premium belt designers are offering luxury accessories that not only provide a timeless style but are also built to last. Here’s a look at five premium belt designers that are offering iconic styles.


Known for bold clothing designs and a long history in the fashion industry, Versace makes incredible belts. Using their iconic Medusa head as the belt buckle for their timeless styles, Versace offers a simple black belt design that is centred around the design in the centre. Versace’s range does include belts with gold and silver designs detailed all around the belt, but if you’re looking for a combination of simplistic with a hint of complexity the plain medusa belts are the right choice.

Tom Ford

Using a simple yet effective sideways ‘T’ as their belt buckle, Tom Ford belts are the perfect belt to wear with suit trousers. Designed for the formal man the T clasp comes in an array of colours that including gold, silver and brass, Tom Ford designs their formal belts to match every outfit. This wardrobe staple is manufactured in Italy and uses the finest leather in its design.

Stefano Ricci

Handmade in Italy, Stefano Ricci belts are the next level of luxury. With belts commonly priced of £1,500, Stefano Ricci belts are easy to spot with their flying eagle emblem on every belt. The price of the belts is justified with its choice to use the finest crocodiles leather in its making. The subtle shine and natural crocodile cracks in the leather make this a belt you can wear with jeans and trousers, and this leather is known to last the test of time when compared to lesser choices.

Black & Brown London

A brand that manufactures their belts in the UK, Black & Brown London is a belt designer offering traditional men’s styles. Their collection of luxury belts use a sturdy belt buckle available with brass, gold and silver. While most premium belt designers use a tradition leather, Black & Brown London also offer python skin belts and suede to match every occasion. Using the finest materials from Spain and Italy, this is a brand you can rely on for a complete variety in belts. The brand specialises in ladies designer belts normally, but is small variety of men’s belt offer the essentials for every occasion.

Mont Blanc

The German brands offer the highest level of men’s accessories, and their pristine belts are some of the finest from around the world. With the lightest touch of their brand on the accessory, Mont Blanc belts aren’t designed for showing off your style, their insignia is added to the final design with the idea of being incognito in mind. With a traditional belt buckle and a smooth leather finish, you will truly be buying these belts for the craftsmanship rather than its bold style.

Naturally every man ideal of quality is different, however these five brands are guaranteed to be agreed upon.