Ideas For Charming Home Porch

Access to the house is not just the front door, but also the area that connects the path outside with the front door. Usually, this area called a porch. To beautify this area you need to choose the design of natural stone floor tiles, walkways, porch, and front doors.

In this article you will find several designs for your terrace:

Granite floors, elegant and traditional

Granite is a material that has been used for flooring for a long time ago. Polished granite floors are durable, strong and easy to care for. It is easy to clean, resistant to friction, and leaves no marks if we drag objects on it. Granite flooring is also not easy to absorb water and is not easy to mold. All these qualities make the granite floor worth to try.

Modern white concrete floor

In this picture, the floor on the porch functions as a path. Wide concrete slab lined to bridge the gap between the edge of the road with the house. White cement is used as a finishing touch so the concrete slab looks good.

The equipment used to smooth the surface of the concrete floor must be clean and not rusty. You have to be careful when polishing this kind of floor because a little blotch can stain this white floor. Polish the pores on the surface so that the floor does not get dirty easily. If you do not have time, you can order concrete slabs from the experts. Installation of floors is done at the final stage of home construction.

Rustic wood and stone

This is the design will make your home look unique. The combination of stone and wood is a rustic touch to a modern home. We recommend you to take care of the wooden slabs regularly so they are not mossy and durable. The stones around the wooden slabs should be small so that they can fill the space between one wooden slabs and other.

Graystone floor

Andesite stone in various sizes can be combined into an attractive porch. The natural stone floor does not have to get the same color, as long as they have the same shades of gray.

Beautiful rustic floor at the front door

If your residence has a traditional style, this terrace design suits you. A flat porch with a variety of rustic floors is the ideal choice. In this picture, we see the round floor combined with large stone tiles. This is an interesting composition because large stone slabs are surrounded by medium and small plates. You can also custom to make other geometric shapes here.

Clay floor

Clay floors can bring a rustic or modern touch. Depending on the trinkets and overall design of your home’s facade.