I Am Well Pleased with My Show Plate

I wanted to order GB show plates, and my buddy told me about a great site online that has a lot of options. He is quite picky so I knew that if he was happy with everything that the site offered, then I would happy with it as well. I went to the link that he had emailed me, and I was impressed with it just from my first impression. I really did like that they have a lot of options in designing a custom show plate, much more than what I actually thought they would be able to offer.

Granted, these are not street legal plates, but I am still not used to having such control over something like a show plate. There are badges, borders, fonts, multiple sizes and more that can be designed entirely by whoever is ordering the plate. I knew that I would be able to custom design a plate even better than what I had thought prior to visiting this site.

I looked through all the different options so I could start picturing what would look good together. I thought that it would be an easy process, which ultimately it was, but it was hard to pick out just one design that I wanted because there were just so many amazing options to choose from.

I focused on the border first, figuring that I would work my way in on it. I have a green classic car, so I picked a green border to go with it. I then chose the badge I wanted. I wanted a flag of Wales on it because that is originally where I am from. After that, I had to choose the font, which was actually the easiest part for me. Then, choosing the size and a few other things was the only thing left. I am beyond pleased with the plate I designed!