How to shop for Luxury Furniture on a Budget

There is nothing more satisfying than not paying full price for something, food tastes better, chairs are comfier, clothes look better. Especially when your on a budget. When you are looking for stylish, luxury, things like garden coffee tables can cost a bomb!

The trick is patience. You will find what you want eventually. Luxury furniture can be found anywhere and not just in the most expensive, prestige stores. You may hate or love to hear this but go bargain hunting for you perfect contemporary furniture piece. Look in Charity shops, hidden boutiques, thrift stores, underground sales, markets, car boot sales and second hand stores, sounds horrendous, tiring and especially demotivating however I guarantee that you will come across a hidden diamond; the most amazing piece of luxury,furniture for a fraction of the price as often those selling the furniture don’t know its worth.

When looking in these places in an attempt to find a luxury piece of furniture, you need to know what you’re looking for, look for names and labels such as Boca do Lobo, Essential Home, DelightFULL, Koket, Brabbu, Thomas Blakemore, Bentley Home, Anna Casa Interiors and look for unusual shapes, ages and durable fabrics. Look for heavy weight and firm stability and hand-made furniture often means they are expensive. Do your research.

Don’t forget to also visit the expensive stores as their could be a sale or clearance and keep a look out online for when there are special deals.

There is also an opportunity to make something luxury, maybe an old chaise lounge could do with covering with a new fabric to give it that stylish revamp. A chair may need a new paint cover and cushion. Don’t be afraid to change a tired item into something luxury.

Lastly, IKEA is the way forward. Brand new items from here can often look like beautiful, contemporary furniture pieces however the price tag is nowhere near the prices you expect. And IKEA is easy to do on a budget.

IKEA has collections that are deluxe and retro that are very similar to what these luxury companies are selling for a fraction of the price.

Unfortunately, whilst on a budget shopping luxury furniture takes a little more effort than going paying full price at a high-end store. It takes digging and searching and compromising in order to achieve the equivalent result for a smaller price.

Don’t forget to look at what you already have as well, get an old sofa covered in a luxury fabric, get new luxury throws and pillows to hide a cheap, plain couch which costs so much less than paying for a new couch all together. Grab some luxury wallpaper for one wall and not the whole room, make it a feature.

If your desperate to pay full price for expensive, contemporary furniture then get one item per room and decorate with more bank account friendly items around the room, if its luxury make it be the statement piece in the room as you paid the most money for it, it has to be seen.

Good luck and go bargain hunting.