Fun Activities to try in Phang Nga

There are many exciting things to do in Phang Nga, one of the provinces in southern Thailand. This area faces the Andaman Sea and is close to other provinces, namely Renong, Surat Thani and Krabi. You can take a vacation to Phuket, then drive around two hours to get to Phang Nga. After arriving, here are some exciting activities to try there:

Snorkeling at Mu Ko Surin

Mu Ko Surin National Park is the best place to snorkel in Ao Pha Kat, Ao Tao, Ao Suthep, and other areas around Ko Surin Nuea and Surin Tai. While snorkeling, you can see many fishes and beautiful coral reefs. To visit Mu Ko Surin, you can try luxury yacht charter Phuket offered by

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Experience the underwater world at Mu Ko Similan

Mu Ko Similan National Park is a world-class dive site. This national park is located on Ko Paet, a favorite island of tourists to spend time swimming and relaxing. The island has clean, fine white sandy beaches, clear sea, and amazing boat shaped coral.

Because of the water crystal clear, you can see the underwater world, such as coral reefs and various aquatic animals.

Kayaking on Ban Tha Ding Daeng

While in Phang-Nga, you can ride a kayak to get around Ban Tha Ding Daeng, located in the middle of a mangrove forest. You can also visit Khao Na Yak and Thung Samet Khao, as well as a beautiful meadow called Little Savanna.

Beautiful scenery in Samet Nang Chi

Samet Nang Chi is the highest spot to see the landscape of Phang Nga Bay. This landscape is decorated with islands of various shapes that exist to capture the perfect Milky Way and the first glow of the sky in the morning. This place is often used as a campsite for tourists who want to enjoy the stars at night.

See beautiful scenery in Khao Khai Nui

Start from sunrise, sunset, foggy sea, Andaman river, to mountain, you can get almost everything in Khao Khai Nui. For you who like cold weather and feel the morning fog, this place is a must-

visit destination.

Discover natural wonders in the Little Amazon

Get on the boat to get around Khlong Sangke to see the banyan tree forest and various other aquatic plant species. The amazing view you can see here is, a giant banyan tree, that already more than 40 years old along the canal side. Some of them are even around 120 years old, but they still stand tall in the middle of the bash and expand their branches. Here, you can also see a variety of wildlife, such as mangrove snakes, vipers, vipers nest and many more.