Essential nutritional supplements for women on the go

For those of us on the go, our busy schedule often means that we don’t care for our bodies as much as we should by taking the time to consume a healthy balance of foods, or even enough food, to ensure that we are getting the nutrients that our bodies crave and need to stay healthy. Sometimes, our hectic lives mean that we need a little help to get the right nutrients into our bodies so that we can stay active and on the go. Below are a list of essential nutritional supplements that you can take to ensure that your body is getting all it needs and to give you a boost and keep up with your busy schedule.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is vital to the function of our bodies. It is responsible for helping to keep our calcium and phosphate at healthy levels to help keep our bones, teeth and muscles strong. The main source of Vitamin D comes from the Sun which penetrates the skin and provides us with this vital nutrient.

Public Health England recommends that everyone should take Vitamin D supplements, especially in autumn and winter when we are naturally exposed to less Vitamin D. By consuming Vitamin D, our mineral levels are kept at healthy levels to keep our bones and muscles healthy and reduce the likelihood of us becoming susceptible to diseases such as head disease and arthritis.


Naturally, women lose considerable amounts of iron during their menstrual cycle each month which puts us at a higher risk than males to becoming iron deficient. As the best source of iron is red meat, vegetarians also are more susceptible to a lack of iron. Iron is vital to the function of our bodies as it is the substance in our red blood cells that carries oxygen and nutrients from our lungs to our vital organs. If we don’t have enough iron in our bodies, we become what is known as anemic where our vital organs can be starved of oxygen, causing us to develop breathing problems, fatigued and weak. For those of us with busy lifestyles, we can often forget how a lack of iron could stop us in our tracks, therefore, it is important to ensure we maintain our iron levels with supplements to help us to keep up with the fast pace of life.

Probiotic Supplements

To ensure our immune system stays fighting fit and to help protect us from being wiped out from a nasty bout of the common cold or a more serious infection, we need to ensure that we keep our gut healthy. Most of the immune cells in our body are located in our gut and increasing the probiotics in our bodies, either via foods such as yoghurt or cheese or through taking probiotic capsules, is a great way to strengthen our immunity. Probiotics help to restore the “good” bacteria in our guts to keep it healthy and functioning the way that it should.