Equipment that must be Owned by a Biker Before Driving

Disasters that occur on the road when riding a motorcycle cannot be predicted. However, at least there are anticipatory actions taken before driving, one of which uses safety equipment.

One example is using driving equipment such as gloves, jackets, shoes, helmets and more. That will obviously make it hot and troublesome. But for the sake of personal safety this must be done.

There are four mandatory equipment that must be used by motorcycle riders. Now you can buy all driving equipment only at wheels motor cycles, wheels motor cycles is the largest motorcycle clothing store in the UK.


Helmet functions to protect very vital body parts, namely the head. Choose a helmet that is brightly colored, according to the size of the head and is standard.

When using a helmet, make sure the chin strap is properly installed. Full face helmets better protect the head than half face helmets.


It is highly recommended to always wear clothes or long-sleeved jackets, as well as pants that cover all parts of the foot. These clothes can reduce the effects of scratches and collisions when falling.

Choose clothes that are suitable for body size, so the body can move freely. It is also recommended to wear a jacket with bright colors and easy to see when riding a motorcycle on the road, day and night.


This equipment is also required to be used, its function is to protect hands from scratches, when falling. Besides that it also provides comfort in holding the steering wheel, and protects it from cold air. For better protection, use gloves with leather.


Driving a motorcycle is a serious job, so it must be really prepared with seriousness too. One of them is to equip themselves with always wearing shoes.

The function of this equipment is of course to protect the foot from injury, when the motorbike falls. Choose shoes that fit the size of your feet, then have a heel and have a non-slippery footprint.