Beware of Data Theft Through an ATM and Know Tips for Avoiding It

The more sophisticated banking technology, the more sophisticated the modus operandi of crime in the banking system. One of the targets by criminals in the banking sector is an ATM machine. Why is the ATM machine targeted? Because these machines are numerous and scattered everywhere. This machine is also relatively not maintained and only relies on CCTV cameras. So that it further strengthens the belief that ATM machines are an easy means for criminals to dredge money from your account. One of the most common ways ATM criminals do is by placing a simple device in the hole where the ATM card is inserted. By using the Rhenus Lupprians ATM installation service, all crimes on ATM machines can be prevented.

Based on case investigations that have occurred in neighboring Australia the form of the device is adapted to the model of each ATM so that it can be different from one ATM to another ATM. With the help of these tools, criminals easily extract your banking data including PINs that should be very confidential. Is the device so sophisticated that it works? Actually the principle of crime by stealing data (phishing) through this tool is relatively simple, but very effective if it is not detected by ATM users or CCTV cameras.

Beware of Data Theft Crimes via an ATM Machine

Almost all of the world itself, crime cases of data theft through ATM machines have not been as many as in neighboring countries like Australia. Even though the case of a customer’s account that suddenly diminished had indeed appeared in the media some time ago. The results of further development revealed several modes with skimming techniques which will be explained in the description below. However, it is better to learn from cases that occur in other countries to add to our insight into banking crime because in principle the model and business transactions through ATM are relatively the same so we can anticipate that this does not happen here.

To get the targeted data, the tool is equipped with a chip that will record your personal data (phishing). The process of data theft uses a small camera placed on one side to record when your hand presses the PIN code. The next stage the thief will copy all the personal data of the account owner, then easily access your banking data.

Understand How to Work Skimming in Stealing Customer Data through an ATM

This banking crime is classified as sophisticated and professional because it uses a number of tools, such as magnetic scanners called skimmers, slok card holders on ATM machines, and cameras. There is a special team with division of tasks that are specific to their respective fields. When the customer transacts, the data automatically owned by the victim is recorded through the scan tool. Players can easily access customer ATM data. Before the crime is committed, criminals have prepared fake cards for transactions with data that has been taken from the customer’s original card. The data is then inserted into a fake card and then used for transactions.

This banking crime case was the finding of the Police team. The police team found a mode of banking crime using magnetic data recording devices such as ATM personal identification number (PIN) and i-banking (router). This crime is relatively difficult to detect by naked eye, making it safer to install at an ATM.

Criminals apparently were professional conspirators and had time to install routers at an ATM in the UK. Then on the ATM machine a modem the size of the cable is installed between the cable server and the technique of data theft through this router works by duplicating all the data of the bank customers who transact at an ATM read. Slightly different from the skimming method which requires an electromagnetic data reader and a hidden camera to view the customer’s pin, then print it on a new card, the technique with this router takes all the data and stores it. After the router is installed the crime of account fraud is just taking the router then the data recorded in it will be inserted in an empty ATM card and the process of theft of customer funds can be done easily. The public must be aware of this new mode.