Are You House Proud? Answer These Three Questions To Find Out

According to statistics gathered in 2018, Brits spend around £2000 per year on DIY, décor and home furnishings. It’s official, we are a house-proud nation. But would you consider yourself a house-proud Brit? Let’s take a look.

  1. When did you last decorate?

These days, considering interior design isn’t just a trend, it’s part of our culture. In fact, Mr. Black from Modern Contemporary Furniture tells us, “On average, people tend to redecorate, or re-furnish their rooms every 20-30 months.” Of course, this is a generalised statistic, but it still tells us a lot about the time and energy we put into our spaces to make them feel like home. So, when was the last time you gave your living room a new coat of paint, or upgraded the mattress in your master bedroom? Are you hitting the 20-30 months mark? If you fall into the statistic perfectly, give yourself a point. You’re certainly on track to meeting the UK’s house-pride standards. But if you’ve never even thought about lifting a paint brush in the last ten years – it’s time. Trust us, your home deserves some love.

  • Shelves: Storage or Décor?

If you said décor, are you sure you’re getting the most out of your shelving? Perhaps shift that two-inch cactus plant over and actually throw some books on there. If you said storage, well – technically, yes. But perhaps stretch your creativity just that little bit more. If you said both, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Storage choices should always be a part of your décor. As house-proud Brits, we have become accustom to having access to a range of storage solutions that also offer a great touch to our overall interior. Gone are the days when shelving was a couple of planks nailed onto the corner of your bedroom to store your VHS collection. These days, storage is incorporated into our colour schemes and style choices. So, if you have a divan bed that just happens to have drawers in it because you already knew that storage = décor and décor = storage, well done. You grab your second point. If, on the other hand, you still have a self-built set of shelves that haven’t even seen a lick of paint, your score isn’t doing so well. You might want to consider calling an interior designer for some much-needed TLC.

  • Have you heard of a Cuddle-Chair?

If your answer is yes, great. Give yourself that extra point. (Unless you’ve literally just Googled it, then that’s cheating, and you’re disqualified). If your answer is, “A cuddle what?”, we aren’t judging, but we do suggest you get out more. Exploring your furniture options is no longer just about getting the best deal on a three-piece suite. There are so many options out there to revamp your rooms on a budget that you’re just spoiled for choice. Whether you’re looking to stay traditional and match all of your furniture, or you’re thinking about going more modern and unique, considering refreshing your interior furniture is certainly worthwhile – especially if your comfort is being compromised by a 20-year-old sofa. Oh, and just in case you’re still wondering, a cuddle-seat is a cosy two-seater that often comes in a circular shape and is extra, extra comfy.

So, how did you do? Are you a house-proud Brit? Perhaps it’s time to freshen things up – keep your house feeling like a home.