6 Benefits of Smartwatch for Health Purposes


Smartwatch users must have felt the many benefits of this one gadget. In addition to its function as a support for appearance or style, smartwatches have health functions. The Galaxy Watch is a smartwatch from Samsung which is the next generation of the Samsung Gear S Series. As the latest generation of Samsung smartwatches, this device certainly has more value than the previous series.

Likewise, the features used for health purposes. There are at least 39 fitness activities that are utilized by using this latest Samsung smartwatch, ranging from regular activities, sports, to when we sleep. Equipped with a battery that has long durability, of course it will spoil us more as users.

Well, for those who want to know what are the uses of a smartwatch for health purposes, here are the reviews.

1. Set sleep patterns

The smartwatch is equipped with a sleep monitor feature. This feature allows the smartwatch to monitor our sleep patterns. If we have irregular sleep patterns, this feature will also provide suggestions for improving sleep patterns so that we can be free from problems due to poor sleep patterns.

On some smartwatches, one of which is the Galaxy Watch, there is an Advanced Sleep Analysis feature. This feature not only monitors sleep patterns but also finds out how our sleep quality is.

2. Controlling calorie intake

Another health feature is a feature that calculates the amount of calories that enter our body. If we are on a diet program, this feature will certainly be very useful. It is like we have assistants who will always remind us about maintaining calorie intake to the body so that our bodies will stay healthy and the diet runs smoothly. It’s cool, there is someone who can help maintain our diet.

3. Count the number of steps

The smartwatch is equipped with pedometer technology. This technology serves to count the footsteps when we walk. This feature can be a reminder of how far we have taken. Also, it can be used as a benchmark to increase walking activity in the following days.

4. Noting the route traversed

Not only counting steps, the smartwatch is also able to record the route we have taken. If we like running, jogging, or cycling, this feature will be very useful. We can know the distance we have traveled and which route we have taken.

In addition to recording the route taken, this feature can also provide suggestions for selecting an alternative route. Of course this will be very useful if we feel bored because of the same route.

5. Monitor blood pressure

Another feature that smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch, can do is monitor blood pressure. We don’t need to go to a clinic or hospital just to check blood pressure. This task can be done using a smartwatch. Surely more practical, right?

6. Monitor stress levels

What is quite interesting about this smartwatch is a feature for monitoring stress levels. To determine the level of stress we experience, a smartwatch uses benchmarks in the form of heart rate, respiration, and other vital signs. One of the smartwatches equipped with this feature is the Galaxy Watch from Samsung.

This feature will be very useful for those of us who have many activities that can trigger stress. With this feature, it can be a reminder so that we take a break so we don’t experience excessive stress.

So, those are 6 things you can do with a smartwatch for health purposes. There are still many people who do not care about their own health. By using this smartwatch, it is like we have a personal doctor who can check the health level. Well, besides being stylish with a smartwatch, we can stay fit and help maintain our health.

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